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Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter 17:

≈Sadie’s P.O.V.≈

  It’s Sunday so it’s off to church then another round of dance classes that seem to never end but to be honest these classes are truly my favorite out of all. Tap and clogging. Granted yes I do like lyrical and hip-hop and can be a fan of jazz although ballet is a different story…the only problem I have with it is the constricting tights and revealing leotards but put me in yoga pants and a tank top and you have yourself a  deal.

  But that wasn’t what I truly was dreading. In fact, it had nothing to do with what was planned for today but instead with the lingering feeling that something is going to happen soon and I won’t like it. What that will be? I don’t know and honestly I like living ignorantly for right now because I have enough drama as it is and I definitely do not need anymore. I mean seriously six dates with six different guys…I think I’m going to hell early…I mean that can’t be morally right…right? I mean who does that and especially knowing about there being a competition about it and you are the prize. Shouldn’t that make me feel objectified? A little used? Fell like crap because I’m just a trophy to the winner? Honestly I really don’t know maybe that’s what I should focus today in church about. Ask for guidance and advice. For him to steer me in the correct path and away from the burning embers that are hell besides I’m already going through high school is that not enough?

  It’s well past noon by the time we are leaving the church with promises to bring a baked dessert for next week’s lunch after church. Honestly I didn’t focus much on the service due to the fact of the ever constant conversation running in my head. Surely Sky would have seen me leave yesterday. I mean he had to have heard the bike’s engine like I did but why didn’t he say anything when I returned? Or even text me? I mean he freaked out when he learned that Peter has a kiss scene with me and I figured he would go all big brother on Mark and warn him of what my parents would think if they ever saw me on that bike and I’m almost positive that he would threaten me with telling them if I got on it. But again why didn’t he? Is he finally over the fact that I have started to date guys much less guys that are his friends or he is just tired of being over protective?

  I can’t help but speculate this over and over again and it continues on through dance and I’m surprised that I even got through the three hours of rehearsal we had today. I’m walking out of my joint bathroom from just having taken a shower when I see a light flicker from my window.

  Smiling I can’t help but shake my head at the day we came up with that to be our ‘signal’ to one another when we needed to talk face to face and didn’t want to alert our parents by shouting out and thought it was a whole heck of a lot more fun than just notifying the other one with a text to walk to the window. I make my way over to the window still towel drying my hair as I open the window pane to talk to Sky. Sitting on my window ledge I wait while he seems to try and figure out what exactly he wants to say.

  I start to frown when he seems to struggle with how he wants to phrase whatever he is trying to say and that usually means something he’s planning on saying I won’t like no matter how carefully he words it. He finally takes in a breath,

 “Hey Sadie how are you?”

 Frowning in response because that was the last thing I expected him to ask and I guessed he sensed it to since I glanced at him and he had a slight smile on his face.

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