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Ki hoya ni tenu, (what happened to you), whispered Nidhi in my ears while hugging me, once I came down from the terrace.

Ki hona si, kuch vi teh nhi, I replied.
(Mujhe kya hua, kuch nhi)

Jhoot bol nhi sakdi Tu meto, jaandi na ae
(You can't lie to me, you know that right), said Nidhi still hugging me.

Oye ae ki ho raha itthe, assi bhi hai ithe bhoolo ni, Said Ashu coming from behind and Nidhi left me.
(Hey! What's happening here, we too are here, don't forget)

Stop it Bro, was Hindi less, that now I have to take Punjabi too, whined Sanchi and I laughed and while laughing I saw Sidharth at the other side of the room, with Aahnik and Aadia in his arms and he playing with both of them

""I don't have a wife Shehnaaz, so stop bringing an imaginary wife in between always""

These words were still ringing in my ears and seeing him this way with The kids have given me something... Something beyond my heart could contain.

Kya ho gaya Baby, asked Sanchi coming near me while hugging me, I needed this, I was in a turmoil and I didn't knew what was right. I had Ashu, I had Nidhi, but what I had with Sanchi was beyond words,
I reciprocated the hug and she knew something was off.

Shehnaaz are you fine, she whispered.
I am not, I don't know, I replied back whispering but wasn't it the truth?
You wanna talk it out, she whispered back.
Maybe later I replied honestly not in myself to hide something from her.

Before she could speak something I heard Sidharth calling me.

Shehnaaz, he said coming near me gaining everyone's attention.
Ji, I replied involuntarily and it was enough for Nidhi to look at me in shock.

Chalo I will help you in arrangements, he said and I nodded.

I will come guys, Sanchi inko please guest room dikha de baby, I will come and Aadia and Aahnik you both go and get ready, I said before making my way with Sidharth when I felt a pull on my chunni from behind.
I looked behind to find Aadia pouting staring at me.

Kya hua, I asked crunching down in front of her small form.
Kya hua hoga phir kuch socha hoga bekkar, Aahnik replied.
Chup kar darpok, Aadia threatened him with her index finger pointed towards him and he like a good boy kept fingers on his lips.

I looked at Sidharth and found him lost in us just the way I was a few minutes ago.

Kya hua Aadia, I asked caressing her cheeks.

Sanu I have nothing to wear, she pouted and before I could say something Sidharth spoke.

Oh Yeah Right! I will just come, he said and was about to walk away but I held his hand and he looked at me with the eyes that somewhere touched me deep in my soul.

Relax Sidharth, Aadia bacha I brought something for you go and try it, Aahnik would give it to you, I smiled but found her eyes moist, maybe I knew the reason now, I looked back at Sidharth and found the same hollowness which is their in my eyes when I see Aahnik longing for a father.
Although he never shows it, neither do he demands that he wants a father but the sadness in his eyes when he see his friends with their fathers says it all.

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