Chapter 1: Shadows

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"Good night my dear, and happy birthday!" My mother sang. She closed my door and walked away.

I waited until I could no longer hear her footsteps. When I could hear no more I jumped out of my bed. I could still hear the music from down stairs. Everyone was here. Well of course everyone was here! They're all afraid of my mother, she's The Evil Queen of course!

I went out onto my balcony and looked up at the stars. I turned 18 today. Ugh, 18 years of this sucky life. Why me, why did I have to be the daughter of The Evil Queen. Everyone is afraid of me, even though I'm nothing like my mother. And worst of all I'm stuck in a tower all day and all night. I'm only allowed out on the grounds twice a week. I wish I was free. I don't belong here.

As I looked at the stars I noticed a dark shadow flying in the sky. I figured that it was just my mother trying out new magic. I decided that I should get to bed. I closed the doors that lead out to my balcony and got ready for bed. I quickly changed out of my dress. I put on a tank, some cargo pants, and brown boots. I always prefer to go to bed ready for anything that could happen.

As I climb in I make sure that I place my bow and arrows right beside my bed. I also slung on my belt which held my dagger. Finally I closed my eyes, but they were open quite soon.

My eyes opened with a loud 'BANG!'. I bolted strait up. I took in the scene around me and saw that balcony doors are wide open. I quietly jumped out of bed, and grabbed my bow. I slipped my arrow sling on, and drew one. I then carefully advanced towards the balcony. As I neared I took a deep breath and jumped in the open. My mouth dropped. It was the shadow that I saw earlier.

"Come with me" it taunted.

"Why?" I asked

"You know why, you want to get away from this place, from your mother. You said yourself that you don't belong. You want to be free."

I looked at the glowing purple orbs in the dark shadow.

"Just come with me, and you can forget all you worries." It said as it offered it's hand

I turned around and took a deep breath.

"Goodbye" I whispered as I grabbed the shadows hand. The shadow lifted me up into the air.

"Where are we going?" I called. The shadow turned it's head.

"To a place where time stands still, to a place where you never grow old, to a place called Neverland!"


"Ugh! What's taking the shadow so long!" I yelled.

"I don't know why your so eager for a new lost boy Pan" added Felix.

"Shut up!" I sneered

"As you wish Pan." Felix said with his hands up in surrender. He slowly backed away and joined the rest of the Lost Boys. To be honest I don't know why I'm this eager either. Maybe it was just the way my shadow said it. I mean I'm going to get great victory with this Lost Boy at my side! My shadow said it himself. I mean I have to trust him, he's led me this far.

I walked over to my stump and waited. Once I got bored of waiting I started to sharpen a twig that I found with my lucky dagger. Once the twig was as sharp as it could be I gave up and walked towards Felix.

"What do you think this Lost Boy will be like?" He asked.

"I don't know, but I'm eager to find out."

"As am I Pan, as am I."

I gave him a weird looked, but he just laughed it off and walked away. I went back to my stump and pulled out my pipes. I blew a haunting tune that got the boys on their feet. We were celebrating of course! We are about to meet someone that will change our lives forever.

When I stopped the song the boys just kept on dancing. I decided to take a walk into the forest. I soon got tired of walking so I let myself drift up into the air. I circled the island over and over until I got dizzy. I landed on a cliff that overlooked the entire island. This way I can still take in the scenery and not have to fly. I sat down at its edge and again took out my pipes.

Time continued to pass as I played. I looked up at the stars and then closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw my shadow in the sky. I quickly dashed back to the camp.

"Look alive boys, he's here!"

The boys cheered. I laughed and walked over to Felix.

"Looks like the time has come." he mocked.

"Shut up!"I spat. Felix shrugged and walked away. I pulled out my dagger and waited to welcome the new comer.
As my shadow neared the more eager I got. Finally my shadow stopped, but then disappeared in the tree tops. I walked around. I heard tree branches breaking, and then I was in the ground. I groaned and lifted my head. The boys around me gasped and Felix's jaw was dropped. It was my turn. I looked up and my jaw dropped.

"You're a girl!"

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