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Yandere minusculetale ink x male reader
Narrator's pov
Being an explorer was a fun but dangerous job. But the adrenaline rush was usually the thing that saved them at times. But this time a meadow peaked their interest and as they approached the meadow they stopped dead in their tracks rethinking their choice of walking into the meadow unannounced.

So they left but as time went on they felt puzzled weather it was right going back there or not. After bit of contemplating with himself the human went back only to see nothing different.

So the human tried to leave once more, turning around only to find out they couldn't move.

Y/n's pov

(Why can't I move?)

I thought as I tried moving but legs wouldn't budge. A few moments later a white with black striped hand covered my mouth and nose making me unable to breath and as I struggled in their hold they just held me tighter. Soon enough I passed out.

When the human fell limp the unknown attacker dragged him into meadow.

My eyes shot open as I stood up only to see a fur covered skeleton with purple wings and one eye a yellow star while the other one was blue.

"Good morning~" a feminine voice purred as a rainbow hue dusted their cheekbone.

"My names ink! What's yours?" They said enthusiastically as they stood up with a hand extended while I still took in their features.

Their arms and legs were the same being white with black stripes making a memory flash in my mind as I was snapped out of my thoughts.

"My names Uh, y/n." I stammered as ink giggled while I took their hand still not wanting to trust them.

"Come on! There's no need to be down!" Ink said as they took flight carrying me in their arms as I shook in fear.

Ink showed me around to her friends and family and explained but always told me to wait a bit further away, something wasn't adding up. As we got back I felt uneasy and didn't want to keep staying here so I asked them when I could go home.

A big mistake that was.

Her face went blank and emotionless as she walked up to me, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at her.

"You don't understand the problems I went through to follow you in your world. I took you so that you would be safe, but I guess that isn't enough for you."

I stared scared and confused before her lips took mine for mere seconds as I felt something run down my throat.

"There we go now you won't fight me."

I couldn't move...

Not again. No.

I tried struggling,moving, anything but my body wouldn't move.

"Stars your so perfect for me, I love you y/n." Ink said as their eyes returned along with a devious smile while my eyes began to fall.

"My perfect mate~"

I hope you guys enjoyed this
Lukielu out!
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