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I hadn't heard from Cassie since I was last with her which had been two days ago.

I looked out the window of my bedroom too face the bright sunshine. I should probably get out and do something?

I got out of bed and threw on a pair of denim shorts, a black off the shoulder shirt and a pair of converse. Once I was done I left my room making my way downstairs. It was a Tuesday, which meant my parents would be at work.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen and the time read 10:20am. I could feel my stomach starting to grumble, but I was just too damn lazy to fix something for breakfast. Maybe I'll get something on the out.

Grabbing a few dollars that were left in the foyer of my house I opened the door to face Cassie.

She was looking abit better, she was dressed in dark skinny jeans, a white loose shirt and black boots.

"Hey, didn't expect too see you!" I said, surprised.

"I came too say bye." Cassie muttered.


"Only for two weeks!" She quickly reassured me .

"Mhhmmm." I bit my bottom lip.

"Going too stay with my grandad for abit, mom thinks he's lonely and I have like a month of holiday left so she wants us too go there for a while."

"How sweet, I'm sure he will enjoy the company." I smiled at my friend.

"But anyways, I wanted too ask you something." Cassie carried on.

"Go ahead." I smiled.

"Would you do me a favour and keep an eye out on Jason whilst I'm gone? I really want to find out who the bitch that stole my boyfriend is." Cassie said sternly.

I nearly choked on air.

"Ahh, we aren't even that close cass?" I whispered, racking my brains for a better excuse.

"Well then hang out with him and find answers."

"I don't know..." I mumbled.

"Pleeeease? For me Jess?" She begged, her green eyes starting to tear up.

"Uh, okay." I finally spoke. Mentally kicking myself in the brain for giving in to her.

"Thank you so much! You're the most amazing person ever... I gotta go now, love you!" Cassie jumped, pulling me into a quick hug and then jogging out the driveway.

That girl is crazy I laughed.

Once I was sure Cassie was gone I walked out of the house and down the road towards the boardwalk by the beach.


I sat down at a little booth in a restaurant right by the glistening ocean called "The Wave".

"Would you like a menu?" I looked up too face none other than Jason.

My eyes widened as soon as I saw him and my heart started racing.

"W-What are you doing here?" I stutter.

"I work here." He says coldly. Obviously in a mood haven't answered any of his calls in the past few days.

I eyed Jason up and down, he looks really good in his work uniform. It was a navy polo shirt with writing across it saying "The Wave" with matching shorts and a pair of white sneakers. A few of his buttons on the shirt were undone showing his man cleavage and his hair was slicked back.

He handed me the menu and stalked off down to a different table.

Once I examined the menu Jason was back, ready to take my order.

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