Lindsey Point of View
I groaned as Cole pulled off the blanket.
"Whyyyyyyy?" I asked as I tried grabbing it back. My room is the coldest in the house in the mornings and warmest during the day, so my blanket was needed at the moment.
"Because We're going out together and redoing our first date. So get up and Be ready to leave at 12:30. Ok?" Cole told me as he turned on my light and unlocked my phone. Probably lay should put a better password on it than 'ChuggaaconroyFan123' (totally not my password or anything hehe *changes password*) He turned on my playlist and put my phone in the Bathroom.
"See I even put your phone in there so all you have to do is press play and bam music is on. I never knew you like Area 11. You should have told me that sooner." Cole told
Me as he walked out of my room, leaving me to get in the shower in peace.
I grabbed a Baby blue Shirt and a pair of black Pants along with my underwear and went into the bathroom. I clicked on shuffle and turned on the water. I undressed and stepped in as 'Heaven Piercing Giga Drill' came on. I sang softly along with it.
Emile's Point of View
I listened to Jons quiet snoring as he smuggled into my chest. I've been awake for about an hour now but Jon sleeping is too cute to get away from so I've stayed in bed. I've been playing Pokemon X because I've been trying for about a day to catch freaking Mewtwo.
"It's easier to catch him if you 1. Put him to sleep 2. Use timer balls and 3. Heal your Pokemon so you don't have to reset" Jon told me, actually scaring me.
"Since when were you awake?" I asked him.
"I've been up for about 5mins. What about you have long have you been up?" He asked me.
I was not going to tell him I've been up for an hour watching him sleep because that would be creepy. I told him that I've been up for about 10 mins. I heard Lindsey Shower turn on and knew she was up. Amber Katy and Meru all went home the other day and Cole's Family isn't home till the end of the month so he's been here this whole time.

I wrapped my arms around his Waist and pulled him closer to me, making him let out a tiny squeak.
"I love you." I whispered in his ear.
"I love you too Emile." he whispered back, planting a soft kiss on my nose making me giggle.

"God you two are making My OTP level go off the chart! Stop being so cute!" I heard Cole say from the Doorway. Lindsey was also there but she was drying off her hair.
"We'll stop being cute when you two stop being cute as well." I heard Jon say making me laugh. I saw the blush spread on Cole's cheeks and Lindsey Ears go Red, making me laugh harder.
I heard a intake of breath as I stopped laughing. Lindsey face was now slightly pink and she was holding her hand to her cheek and Cole had a Very red face.
"Cole... Did you do something to Lindsey?" I asked questionably.
"I. may have kissed her in the cheek while you two were laughing your asses off, showing your that we can never be not Cute around each other and I think that was Lindsey first Kiss on the cheek." he told us in a soft whisper. Lindsey was still touching her cheek, but her eyes were sparkling in aw.
"Welp. I think you may have caused her to space off...." Jon said as we all broke down laughing.

This family I have to say is one of the weirdest. I'm truly happy here.
Bam chapter. I'm not very excited because I do weird things and Once in a while by my own family members I get called a retard or retarded. They do t realize how much that hurts me and it hurts alot. I'm starting a new book soon. I'm gonna remove Can you Trust because I don't like that book at all and I don't know what to do. So yeah. Be ready for a new book soon. As soon as I find my notebook with the chapters in it. Also. I GOT THE NEW 3DS XL AND I PREORDERED XENOBLADE!!!! I HAVE NO MONEY NOW!!!! HURRAY!!!!!

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