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you quickly rushed and pushed nobara out of the way, said first-year getting thrown off of mahito's way and onto yuuji's safe arms.

mahito's hand slapped across your already bloody face and yuuji watched with wide teary eyes.

you grunted and kicked the curse away and gave the two first years a weak thumbs up.

yuuji had just witnessed nanami die right in front of him, he sure as hell won't be able to take it if you, his favorite second year, were to die, right in front of him as well.

he was thankful you were able to save nobara but also a bit troubled since he saw mahito's filthy hand touch your face.

mahito flew a few feet back, a bit flabbergasted at your sudden appearance before he started laughing, "haha! a direct hit!!"

you felt something itching at the side of your face, bringing a hand up to check what had landed on your face before quickly realizing it was mahito's technique.

the itching, all of a sudden, turned into burning.

it hurt.

it hurt so fucking much.

it felt as if someone was pouring acid on your face.

but of course, you couldn't bring them down, not now, instead, you just exhaled and gave them a small smile.

"y-y/n-senpai..." nobara's eyes brimmed with tears, knowing full well that if you hadn't pushed her out of the way you would've been safe.

your throat suddenly felt dry as you felt salty tears making their way down your face, for the first time, you talked normally, "itadori, kugisaki...live"

their eyes widened.

'damn, wish i could've seen yuta one last time before dying'

sending them one last smile, you felt the veins and muscles on your face explode as mahito swiped his hand to the side with a huge smile on his face.

and soon. darkness.






you never thought that you'd be able to feel all those three with your life as a jujutsu sorcerer.

it was... concerning.

where were you?

you were dead, right?

why weren't you in hell?

you couldn't be in heaven, you knew damn well you can't enter that place.


your eyes widened as you quickly turned around at the familiar monotone voice.

"yes, it's me, your dead that's why i can talk to you," the silhouette of a familiar blond you knew very well entered your line of vision, "you can talk in here"

'i can?'

nanami nodded, "yes, we're both dead so none of us would really be affected"

your broken humor wanted you to laugh.

but you didn't.

you knew very well that nanami wouldn't be impressed.

"where am i?" you asked.

"this is my mind space" nanami answered.

"... why is it so dark?" you looked around

"i am here to inform you about your immediate reincarnation," nanami ignored your previous question and started walking to who knows where.

"h-huh? hold on!" you coughed a little.

couldn't really blame you, for the first time in your 17 years of life, you could talk normally, your mouth wasn't used to spouting more than a few words.

"only a few sorcerers are able to do immediate reincarnation, both of us being a part of those few" nanami continued walking, not even sparing a glance in your direction, "however, we are not able to choose where and when hence why i'm informing you now before you wake up in your new body"


"i have proven that even in a different world, our curse technique stays with us, which is why you need to listen" the blond male abruptly stopped as he saw light emitting from your body, "we have no time, listen carefully, in the new world you're going to be reincarnated in doesn't have sorcerers, curses, techniques. i suggest you not to use your cursed speech when you're in there, pretend to be mute if you can"

knowing well enough that the male wouldn't let you speak, you just nodded and gave him a thumbs up.



you immediately shot up and squinted your eyes to get rid of the blurriness.

it was cold.

where were you?

taking in your surroundings, you found yourself situated on the ground of a garden, which garden? you did not know. you've never been here before.


right! nanami talked to you and informed you about getting reincarnated! now all you have to know is where you were.

"that's a cool tattoo you got there"



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