1 - The First Time

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Please note that due to the subject matter, this story has been rated mature. Do not proceed if you are a reader under the age of seventeen.

1 - The First Time

Stepping out on the porch in front of the three story mansion, my eyes are fixed on Lake Michigan. The wind almost takes me off my feet while the rain whips my face and body and mixes with a few stray tears. I shiver, hugging myself tightly. Ever since I heard his car pull into the garage a few minutes ago, a sensation of despair has taken over my body functions – even breathing has become an effort. He will be joining me soon and no one else is at home. I will be his play toy for the rest of the afternoon.

A few more tears roll down my cheeks when the porch door opens before Marcus's words cause goosebumps to spring all over my arms.

"Patrice, come inside. You'll catch a cold out there."

I close my eyes, sucking in a deep breath when he steps behind me. The scent of his aftershave surrounds me, his fingers caressing my bare arm. The touch  almost turns my stomach. I bite my lip to suppress more tears, following him inside like a good lapdog.

His eyes travel up and down my frame before stopping right on my breasts. My nipples have reacted to the cold. An appreciative glimmer is in his eyes when he clears his throat. "Go hop under the shower. I will be right there."

There is no use to disobey him. If I refuse, he will drag me into the bathroom by my hair. My legs automatically carry me upstairs and I peel out of my wet clothes. The water is soothingly warm and pearls on my skin. The next time I will set foot into the shower, I will turn the temperature up to as high as I can manage to get his stench off my body.

I hear the shower door open, holding my breath when his hands are upon me.

Just play along and it will be quicker. I fight the nausea in my throat, knowing what is expected of me. He has groomed me since I was fourteen and I've learned how to please him . This is just a routine exercise—the reason why I hate my life.


It all began a month after I got my first boyfriend, Keith Simmons. He was already fifteen. We had just finished our freshman year and were enjoying our time off for the summer. My mom was usually out and about with my brother and sister; Marcus occupied with a big trial. Keith and I quickly got used to spending time alone at the house. One thing led to another. We were making out for most of the day, slowly advancing to exploring our bodies.

That bright afternoon, we were out by the pool. Totally exhausted after a splashing fight in the water during which Keith had dunked me under a few times, I plopped into the launch chair.  At least I had gotten him back by pouring a glass of cola over his head. Still giggling, I snuggled against the soft cushion, enjoying the warm sunshine on my skin.

Keith squatted down next to me. "Let me get some lotion on you."

I snickered, not really sure why I needed twenty plus sun filter when he was the one turning slowly into a lobster. He got to work on my stomach. I didn't stop him when he peeled off my bikini top.

A shiver ran through me as he caressed my breasts, his fingers gently massaging the lotion around my nipples. Heat pooled between my legs as he moved to my thighs. His touch tingled on my skin and my breath quickened when he traced along the hem of my bikini bottoms.

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