Part 22: True Villain

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Long-ass A/N ahead:
To actually explain what happened with Clarence, or should I say Clara. Clara was affected by the reality seal when the shogun was more sadistic and careless, just so he can target whoever. Her parents also got affected, and her name was changed to a boyish name, Clarence. This caused her to endure bullying, and whenever she was called Clare, she felt extremely weird. A few days before Annabeth and Preston discovered that they were affected by the reality warping dust, Clara herself found out. The water turned a dark purple, so dark that it was almost black. That's when she called the gate keepers. Zach was the one to answer her call, meet her in person and decide to try and assist her in any way. Clarence everyone knew became Clara Williams. The memories, the personality, and everything else is the same. Her identity, however, will be the true one, not the one that the shogun created just to torture an innocent human being. At the moment, Clara is having a huge crisis over her entire existence, but she will hold to one of her beliefs. The belief is that she can overcome anything as long as she accepts it.

By the way, I fucked up Rachel Miller's missing person poster. She was born August 25th 2005 and went missing September 4th 2016. Sorry if y'all got confused! If I mess shit up, I was probably writing at like 4 AM, or my notes for the chapter got fucked up. I fixed it in the earlier chapter as well as a few typos (sorry if I missed some lol).

Also, I found a pretty great music video which kinda fits with this chapter's plot direction. Listen to K/DA - Villain (ft. Madison Beer & Kim Petras) with headphones for the best experience, or blast it on full volume with no headphones! If the video doesn't show up here, look up League Of Legends K/DA on YouTube and you'll find Villain that way.

Annabeth's POV

A few days later...

October 28th, Sunday - 10:30 AM

It's Sunday... I can finally relax after a whole paranoid Saturday, my friends and I taking the kids in to hide them from the general public. Zach even said a few people who teamed up with the shogun are from our world... so it's best if kids who are presumed to be dead stay hidden.

So after days of switching, explaining to our parents, Zach and his crew explaining everything thrice, we finally came to a deal. My family will take Rachel as one of our own, and mostly because she can blend into our family due to her dark shade of blonde hair. Not to mention, after Zach destroyed the reality seal, the only thing that changed is Leah's dirty blonde hair returned to it's chocolate brown shade and someone's identity...

However, not much changed besides that. Clara called me this morning... it feels so weird not to call her Clare or Clarence. She is a lot better now, and her parents are forcing it upon themselves to make her happy and not remind her of the name change.

As of the other children though, there were a few hiccups. Luca, the boy whose ghost form didn't have a head above his jaw was taken in by Zach and Leah since he looks almost exactly like them. Dark brown hair, and he has light brown eyes. Morgana managed to take in Nathaniel and Will, the two short male ghosts who had injuries on their abdomen.

From what Mona told us, her father is a teacher for 5th and 6th grade History, while her mom is a kindergarten teacher as well as a nanny. They took Nate and Will in the blink of an eye. Certain situations really do make people show their true selves. Parents of my other friends, as well as parents of Zach's crew also offered to drive the kids to school and even babysit them when their respected caretakers aren't able to be there.

I also begged Zach to send someone of his crew to examine Rachel. I mean, she was a ghost, and she had a really bad fever that appeared and disapppeared in a matter of a single day. Right about now is the time for one of their female co-workers to arrive. From what Zach told me, her name is Andrea, and described her to be around 5'7, long dirty blonde hair and azure eyes. He also mentioned that Andrea is 16, so around my age.

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