32 | Unexpected Allies

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I could deal with an hour of Latin, an undeniably dead language

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I could deal with an hour of Latin, an undeniably dead language. I could tolerate AP Lit taught by a pot smoking hippie. Hell, I could even deal with a double period of calculus. But gym class with a bunch of other girls? That certainly wasn't my idea of fun.

I usually never paid attention to the fact that I was lacking in the female friends department, but on Tuesday afternoon in the girls' locker room, I found myself wishing I had at least one in my corner. And not to mention desperately wishing I had skipped school with Sebastian.

"Oh my God, Coco, wasn't that party at Bentley's the most amazing thing ever?" the half naked girl to my right gushed, tossing her plaid skirt into one of the tiny lockers.

I vaguely remembered her name to be Kelsey, captain of the field hockey team and airhead extraordinaire. Her best friend, Coco something-or-other, was just as big of an airhead, and her only saving grace was that she was French. Despite that, I almost bludgeoned myself with my lock when I found out that I was stuck with a locker between the two girls.

"I know, right?" Coco squealed back, tugging on the hideous gray tee-shirt that was part of our gym uniform. "Kate's party just could not compare."

The two babbled on as I changed, but I tuned them out for as long as I could manage. It wasn't until Sebastian's name came up that I started listening again.

"I didn't see him the entire weekend," Kelsey complained. "I mean, I saw the other three boys a couple times and I hung out with Jude at the spa, but none of him!" She cut her eyes to me, seeming none too pleased that she had missed out on seeing him. "Aren't you his girlfriend? The one with rap sheet and the nudie pics? Avilla, right?"

Jesus, was I going to be forever known as the girl with a criminal record and naked pictures? I couldn't wait to get the hell out of high school.

"You can call me Talia," I replied, albeit a little uneasily. "But yeah, I'm his girlfriend." It felt kind of weird to say those words now they weren't a lie, but I couldn't deny that it gave me a rush.

She took no notice of the small smile that had suddenly appeared on my face, or at least didn't question it. "Were you guys even up there for the weekend? I didn't see you or him at any of the parties."

Well obviously she hadn't been looking hard enough. "We were there."

"And?" she pressed, putting a hand on her jutting hip as she shot me an expectant glance.

"And, what?" I had a feeling the whole clueless act wasn't going to work, but I attempted it anyway.

"If you were there, why didn't you come to any of the parties?" Coco asked for her friend, both seeming to close in on me as they waited for an answer.

I raised an eyebrow, but refused to take a step back. Sure, they were a little intimidating, but I had at least six inches on them both. If I had to, I could take them. "We were, ah, a little preoccupied with other stuff."

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