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A "Mono Meal" is simply when you eat only 1 type of food and you don't do any kind of food combining.  Below are some
common examples of mono eating...

- Eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast.
- Eating nothing but apples for lunch.
- Eating nothing but mangoes for dinner.
- Eating nothing but dates for a whole day.
- Eating nothing but bananas for a whole week.

So basically the mono concept is that you can eat a lot of a particular food but nothing else. Most people usually lose from 2lbs-10lbs on the mono diet from just eating ice-cream,chocolate,eggs or whatever food they have chosen to live on for a week.

Seems pretty cool just living on chocolate or ice cream for a week huh? Seems like a some sort of scam hm? Well my dear friend, i had to learn this the hard way.

When I first read about this i was pretty sceptical, like dayumm living on chocolate for a week and LOSING pounds sounded pretty fake to me. So I went online and done some research about it and the results and saw the amount of pounds lost from people who done it and i was like, OH MY LORD I'M GONNA HAVE A FEAST ON CHOCOLATE FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

Yeah well I didn't look up on the bad things about this diet... and after I ended up with a messed up eating schedule and always had a cravings for sweets and chocolate.

So what basically happened was after I came off the diet and lost all these pounds I was ecstatic and went back to my healthy eating habits.

I soon noticed how I always wanted sweets and chocolate and was in the cupboard munching like an absolute pig. What the mono diet done was that eating all that chocolate just for a week made my sugar levels burst through the roof and it made my body adjust to the way I was eating resulting in gaining pounds in the click of a finger. It took me weeks to lower my sugar levels and finally the cravings seized.

I WILL DEFINITELY NOT DO THAT MONO DIET AGAIN! and I advise you not to as well, just stick to your healthy eating and exercise daily. 

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