Chapter 1

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All of the sounds in the house were dulled as I stared at the rhythmically rotating planet floating above my palm. The moon, a marble compared to the planet and its ring. I never quite understood why I had the ability to conjure the planet in my hand. When I first discovered my ability to do so I attempted to tell my mom...but I was brushed aside. She told me to stop playing and go back to my room.  She thought I was just being a kid with a wild imagination. I can't blame her as I was merely ten years old at the time. Even with it having been almost eight years ago I still have no idea of what the purpose of my ability is. I haven’t had any fictional experiences past having the ability to create a planet in my palm.  

It’s not unlikely that something of the sort could happen as my ability is ridiculous in and of itself. No one knows about my abilities and I fear telling anyone. Goodness knows what would happen to me if the wrong person was told. Especially knowing how my country functions. Its gone to shambles after it tried to establish a democracy. The country wasn’t strong or unified enough for it to hold. I could never allow anyone to have to live through this if I had the ability or power to prevent this. We don’t have many choices. We are made or forced to do things. For example we have to get this completely experimental shot and we have no other options or ways to avoid it. You must get it there is no other option. 

As I get further into my mind I lose focus on the planet still rotating in my palm. That is until I begin to no longer have the warmth around my body from the comfort of my bed. Instead I feel wind grazing my skin and it blowing through my hair. It's accompanied by the smell of rotten food and other items that I can’t identify...fortunately. Slowly and hesitantly I stand and open my palm. The once familiar planet in my palm now has a different familiarity to it. Its once blue surface is now spotted with green and wisps, It's ring nowhere to be found.  The planet that now resides within my palm is the one I’ve lived upon. The one I have called home. 

The thing that plagues my mind now, the one question I have, as I look past the walls that create the alley in which I stand with people that are bustling about completely oblivious to it, is where am I? 

Quite scared as I am not even on my planet as far as I can tell. With all the advertisements being displayed on the sides of the road and even some buildings. All of these things are completely new to me. As I walk only a few steps out of the cramped and littered alley lost in thought I feel myself collide with something. Upon colliding I fall to the ground groaning. I gently bring my hands to my knees as I raise them to my chest. Looking at my palms I see bits of gravel have made impressions to accompany the few tiny and miniscule burning cuts. Before I do much else I’m being shouted at by the man that bumped into me. His words go over my head as the language, unknown to me, spills past his lips. Its way of emphasizing different syllables and the words’ pronunciation itself completely new. 

Distracted, I barely register the shout of “ YAH! “ being directed at the still yelling man. Yet I am able to find that it came from a girl. She seems to be around my age with red hair reaching to her mid-back. Her brown eyes showing her frustration and annoyance. She steps in front of me causing the man to step back. Her words move at rapid speeds. The rate at which her words, seemingly offensive, fly out of her mouth makes me feel she could easily beat one of the fastest rappers in my country. As she continues practically degrading the man now in front of her it begins to show that his once furious expression now resembles that of a scolded puppy. As I come to my senses I see the guy rapidly nodding his head before practically running in the opposite direction. Now I’m left alone with the girl. 

She breathes slowly before turning to me and reaching out a hand. I grasp it gently as she helps me off the ground that I hadn’t even realized I still resided upon.  I unconsciously shift from either foot as I am unaware of how I can or would communicate with her. Somehow she seems to sense my unease as she gently smiles at me, much different compared to how she’d looked at the man only moments prior. She begins to speak and I’m surprised when I recognize her words “ Hi, I’m so sorry that happened. He was entirely at fault, but still wanted to push the blame. When he started his utter nonsense I noticed your frightened and confused expression. I assume you’re probably not from here? “

Surprised and still in slight shock I hesitantly respond “ Yeah, I...didn’t recognize the language. I’ve been extremely….sheltered you could probably say. I have not a clue as to where I am or where I am going to stay. I don’t exactly have money one me” I think to myself “At least not the type of currency that this place uses. “ She nods and seems to think to herself for a moment. I’m startled when she smiles enthusiastically. I can practically see her jumping in place with an invisible tail wagging behind her as if she actually possessed one. Still beaming in joy she spoke “ I’m Addison Reed, I would love to help you by providing you a place to stay. As well as a place to work. I run a flower shop, it’s right down the street. It took me quite a long time to think of a name, but I settled with Atlas Petals. Not really sure why I decided on ‘Atlas’. However, I’m sure you’re aware of my reasoning for ‘Petals’ as part of the name.” She trailed off with a slight giggle. Almost as if her joy and excitement were contagious I smiled too as I reply “ I’m Madison Graves, I would absolutely love and appreciate you doing so.”   

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