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I hadn't yet decided my demise. Blowing a match and seeing the flames light up, charring organs to a crisp; tightening that brown, harsh rope until blood seeped out of my flesh; pulling that Muggle thing called a gun so that tiny lead bullets  would tear holes through my bone; stay underwater till my body floats; the possibilities are endless. the next few weeks should have been like paradise; everyone shaking hands with me, getting gifts, sharing smiles. but I could see the venom seeping through their grins, the tightness of their grip and the cheapness it all. rumor, rumors, rumored. girls spread lies through cupped hands  or pink diaries. boys openly boasted of getting under my skirt or me begging for them.

lies, lied, lie.

I ate at the great hall, scooping bits of cereal into my mouth. strangely, pretty boy diggory chose to avert his gaze, looking glumly at the two girls at his table trying to swindle him. his friends, however, wiggled their fingers and laughed, trying to get my attention. luck swathed me as one of them rushed up to me as I was leaving for Divination. luke derrickson. I smiled prettily at him and batted my eyelashes, but quickly disappeared through the crowd. 

I was fast. he was faster.

'Come on. At least try to listen to me.' he said, his fingertips brushing against my palm. I swatted his hand, scowling as we both sat on a nearby bench. he put his fingers in his hair and sighed. 'cedric sent me here, but I wanted to tell you something first.' I raised an eyebrow up from my notebook that I was scribbling in. I snapped my fingers. 'I don't have all day. many, many people all want to become apart  of the club.' luke smiled awkwardly and started to speak.

'well, since you have so many thing to worry about, I thought I'd maybe become an assistant. since i'm muggle-born, I was top therapist in pre-school and kindergarten.'

          I put my pencil in my hair, as its jagged end made a harsh red line buried along my scalp. I nursed to it, thinking about the offer. 'oh. I'm looking at someone with experience. a top therapist.' I spoke slowly, knowing that luke was nervous, fiddling with his thumbs. 


  he stretched his lips into a smile. 'thank you! when do I start?' I checked my watch. It ticked and tocked. 'About ... two seconds ago. be a doll and please get some notebooks. interview some of the people auditioning for the club.' I got off the bench and started walking. luke ran after me, but I kept on the road. 


 I stopped in my tracks. 



this was literally so therapeutic for me. enjoy the little surprise. i know some of y'all might be like 'this is darker than the summary, what?' but it's rlly just something you should read with orange sweaters on and a bucket of ice cream. little forehead kiss for you, and you—and you !!

but this is an AU where ced loves till twenty-five and is a little bit dark. enjoy, lovelies !!

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