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DON'T TELL—the words should've on sesame well's grave. blame potterhe's the reason she's in this mess, anyways. the DA was an exclusive fancy cluband sesame wanted in! so ... she made her own. come on! she KNOWS it's legal , knows it's normal , and knows she's screwed! divine daily , the hogwarts' newspaper. so , if she printed an ad saying that she was starting a club ... she would be as cool as potter! first , she had to know WHAT she was going to do. teaching spells ... she had a P on almost all her tests. sesame heard about psychology , so she tried that!

             turns out ... she was still shit. but THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB ! was fresh on the market , so everyone was in! plus , sesame heard her ex-girlfriend was jealous. mhm. yeah. she's sizzling hot!  so when pretty boy diggory auditions   ,   sesame's BOUND to want him in, since he's ... pretty boy diggory !!

                           thing is ... he was dating sesame's ex-girlfriend ... oh, how will this end?  she'll hate him forever , and that's it! no but's—he's out !!  but cedric diggory is persistent ( read : annoying ) and sesame well is stubborn , SO GET THE FUCK  OUT !!

                                                                                                                                                                                               ELLE SPEAKS !

sesame is amazing. she's my lil' angry baby !!  so ... basically love her. anyways, y'all understand the plot. this is super fluffy, but the fic is perfect for staying in sweaters and eating some ice cream. so ... i have two days left here, and i rlly wanted to post this. seddy4LiFE . comment if you want me to spam you. #promocode  #desperate  #doesn'thavealife 

bye lovelies.

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