little girl

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... when suddenly

Still lillys POV

I was being lifted out of my seat and dropped on the floor "oww"
"Hey what was that for"
"U wouldn't move so its your folt baby" he said with a smirk
So I just went rount the table and got my stuff and put it in my bag then grabed the table and tipped it over so it landed on him along with all his stuff.
"Opes sorry didn't see u there baby" then I walked out with a smurk on my face I heard him yelling at me from behind " that's it you little b**** you're going to get it"

Since I had 15 minutes of class left I quickly ran to my locker put my combination in (when she visited the school before she came she found everything) and got my skate bord out and spray paint then skated down the hall where a blank wall was and started my masterpiece.

After I had finished I quickly skated back to my locker and put the spray paint away just in time for the next lesson bell to go.

As I see people walking past it I hear them laughing then I see an angry looking "bad boy" walk to it pushing past everyone to look at it then look around for something or someone and I had a feeling that some one was me suddenly he yelled.

" WHO DID THIS!" I smirked and put my hand up saying
" who else "
When I said that he came marching to me anger written all over his face.

"Wrong move little girl"
The sound of that name hit me like a shot out of a gun

"What u gonna do about it little girl "

I felt my eyes start to water at the memory but I stopped them and anger filled my voice "DONT EVER CALL ME THAT"

"Or what little girl"when he said that I...


Haha Lol a another cliffhanger sorry its been so long since I have updated thank you to every one who has voted at least I know people like the book :-). Byz

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