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IT WAS TODAY it was my biggest mission ever and I was scared shitless to say the least. One wrong move and there could be 300 kids going from alive and scared to dead or traumatized. It was a quite risky and the only good thing about it is I get to know who silent killer is. On a happier note I'm on cloud nine with Kyla she slept over 1 once or twice since the whole thing went down and god she's precious form the way she scrunches her nose when she having a good dream to his shed wake up very excited to tell me about it everything about her is just amazing.

I'm headed to school as of right now and I'm really hoping I run into the Alexie kid something about him tells me I've seen him somewhere before. But its so subtle. Grabbing just a granola bar for breakfast I was the last one out of the house seeing as my brothers all left earlier for whatever early school related things they had to do which I wasn't paying attention to when they were talking and dad was out the house since 5 this morning for some apparent emergency at a warehouse.
As I made my way into the school I'm left roaming the halls towards my locker there's a good bit of people in the halls but mist people here like to get to class early for some reason and it mainly freshmen who are acting like its their first day of high school. I'm pretty sure uw talked pass a group of them talking about how hot Alexis King is which doesn't surprise me its all people talk about sadly. As I made it to my locker I push whatever books I wasn't using in there and just as I turn around the what you could cal one and only Alexie King walks down the hall stopping right in front of me.

“Can I help you?"

“You're new around here aren't you,"

“No shit,"

“Whats your grade?"

“Junior, anymore interview questions? " I ask rolling my eyes.

“Is your attitude always like this?" He said way to close to me for my liking

“Yes it is now if you'll excuse me I have a class to get to," I said pushing past him.

“Bye princess!" He shouted as I walked further down the hall.

“Dont call me princess!" I shouted back turning to face him before turning back and walking to my class
Its now fourth period and we're playing with fire and lets just say Cody is in this class and the guy is obsessed with fire leaving me no doubt he's an arsonist.

'No Cody put Cody put that down if u miss it the room will most likely explode,'

‘But it looks so funnn,'

‘I'm trying to walk out if this room alive so can you be oh so kind and keep me that way?'


And then ten minutes later there was a fire drill.Cody burnt down the lab and I wasn't shocked about it.He got suspended and sent home for the rest of the day but other than that the day was quite uneventful.
I'm currently cuddling with Kyla for what could be the last time if all doesn't go well.

“Alright love its time for me to drop you home now,"

“ I don't want to go home though," she says whining a bit.

“I know you don't but I'm going to be busy tonight and I need you home and safe, Ill be sending some people to make sure you stay safe tonight and hopefully I can see you tomorrow, okay?"


“Lets go,"

“Baby I need to go," I said running my hands through her hair she was clinging onto me for dear life.

“Fineee," she said standing up and off me.

“Byee," I said blowing a kiss as she got off me and out of the car

“Byee," she said blowing me one back.

Once I make sure she's inside her house I make my way towards my house to change into my clothes for the mission.
I'm waiting inside for Diablo and Silent Killer to show up. I'm pretty intrigued to see who he is and if its someone I know. I raise my head as I hear them enter the room they sit in the respective spots and and I pull out a little container pulling out a piece of paper.

“Diablo," and she pulls of her mask Silent killer looks shocked. She's got quite the reputation at school. Moving along before he has time to saya anything I pull the next name out of the container.

“Silent Killer," he hesitates at first but soon pulls it off and I'm shocked as to who it is its now my turn and once I do were all left staring at each other.

“Now how the fuck," is all that came out quietly.

I sign the contract and pass it around for them to sign the contract simply states that we have to cover and take care of one another on this mission.

“Its time to go," one of the guards says through the door.

We all get what we need and make our way towards the car park of the building. I make my way towards my bike and and hop on and of course now is the time it decides to stop working.

“Shit," I say as I kiss my teeth.

Athena has already gone and silent killer is making his way towards his bike.

“You good there De Luca?" He's hours across the parking lot.

“No my fucking bike won't start,"

“Ride with me," he says motioning with his head to come over.

Jogging over I climb behind him on the bike, putting on my helmet.

“Dont fall off,"

“In your dreams King,"

This has been sitting in my drafts for a month and I'm still not satisfied with it the next part should come out Wednesday

Hopefully you'll don't hate me <3

Hopefully you'll don't hate me <3

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