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It took me an hour to pick out 5 outfits.

On any other given day, it wouldn't have taken me this long because I don't have distractions. But Vinnie was impatient and wouldn't stop talking my ear off about god knows what.

Then he had the audacity to come at me for taking long as if it wasn't his fault.

But once I finally got all the outfits together, I fixed up my hair for the first fit. The first outfit was a red one so I pulled my hair up and into a half up and half  down hair style. When I showered earlier, I washed my hair and did a little blowout in order to make my hair straight enough to do various styles for the pictures.

I got ready shortly after fixing my hair up, making sure to look at myself once more before heading out the door and down the street with Vinnie to take my first picture.

It didn't take long to find a spot that I liked because I lived in an area that I favored a lot.

There was this specific building down the road from my apartment building, that had beautiful flowers on the outside. So when it came into view, I got all excited and stood in front of them, doing a various amount of poses.

This continued on for like an hour and a half until we finally got all 5 outfits done, with over 100 pictures in my camera roll now.

All that was left to do was pick the best 5 and post them all in time.

I changed back into the first outfit which was just a sweat suit and sat with my back against the headboard as I began to go through all the photos on my laptop.

I don't know how long I was there for, editing, weighing out my options on what photos to choose...

I just know it must've been a long time because Vinnie started to grow restless next to me, doing anything he could to distract me. I was fairly good at ignoring him though, because Mila and Nessa tend to do the same thing whenever I edited a YouTube video.

But it began to be almost impossible when he was physically tugging on the arm sweatshirt, just to play around with the bracelets I had on my wrist.

"Vinnie, you're acting like a child right now. I'm almost done, can you wait a few seconds." I grumbled out, not taking my eyes away from the computer screen.

"I've been waiting for 45 minutes, and you're only on the 3rd picture. You still haven't even figured out the other two yet."

"Yeah, we'll how can I when you're tugging on my wrist, moving my hand away from the computer every 5 seconds?"

"I was just trying to see what your bracelet said. I want one, but for mine I want it to say something different... I like these two photos a lot." Vinnie ponders out loud, pointing towards the two he liked in the screen.

My eyes followed his hands, as I looked at the screen.

The two photos he chose were actually the ones I've been eyeing for a while but I just couldn't bring myself to actually thinking they were the ones.

Ultimately his distracting tactics helped me out.

"We can make some after I upload these photos." I mumbled after a while. His face contorted in a way as if he didn't know what I was talking about but I raised my arm, showing the bracelets.

"I made them. I have supplies over in my closet. Went on a bit of a Amazon spree and bought like 20 fucking kits with all kinds of beads and gems." I laughed to myself, making a small smirk come into Vinnie's face.

"But I'm the childish one?"

"Yes, yes you are.


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