Jealousy starts with me and you.

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Hannah's pov

I told Katie what Louis said and she told me I should go back and make him jealous. I told her that I wasn't good at 'making people jealous' and suprisingly she had a book titled how to make a guy jealous.

So that leads us to now. Here we are at the airport. Katie had payed for me a ticket and now we are sitting here waiting for it to come.

Last flight for London, England today is leaving soon.

Katie and I hugged good bye and then I boarded the plane. On the plane I opened the book and began to read.

Chapter 1: finding someone new.

This chapter was stupid. Basically said that I should find someone to use to make him feel like he should have never left me. Yeah well another guy pulled into this drama will not do anything. I skipped this chapter and went straight to chapter two.

Chapter 2: make him regret.

Wow pretty blunt. This says to make him regret he ever left you. Do something like go to a bar and wear a tight dress dance and show off blah blah blah. I'm starting to think this book will never help me. I went to the table of contents and found the chapter I was looking for.

Chapter 16: how to make him jealous and get his attention

I read this whole chapter. It was perfect. It says to speak of your ex flirt every once in awhile then act like nothing happened. The other things it said went on about complementing other guys and having the time of my life without him. By the time I finished this chapter the plane was landing. This should be fun.

Hey Sum where are you all.

HAN! We are all at your house everyone.

Great Im coming home dont say anything though.

Alright well what are you planing.

Make Louis jealous wanna help.


Meet me at the airport. Pretend you are going to the grocery or something.

Alright see ya in a few.

The plane landed and I sat with all my bags waiting for Summer.

"Hannah I missed you." Summer said hugging me.

"I missed you too" I said.

"Alright so how do we make Louis jealous?" She asked excitedly.

"Compliment the others have the time of our lives and flirt and pretend nothing happened after." I replied as she climbed in her car.

"Sounds great meet ya there." She said as I climbed in my car.

I followed Summer home and we walked in.

"Hey guys." I said walking in.

"Hey Hannah." Zayn replied." Wait Hannah!"

Everybody ran and hugged me. But I noticed that Louis had a bunch of cuts and brusies on his face.

"What happened?" I asked. Walking over to him and putting my arms around his neck. Step one: flirt then pretend nothing happened.

"Oh uh Niall." He spoke looking down at me.

"Well lets go get you cleaned up." I said grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs gently.

Summer's pov

Everyone was flabbergasted and I just sat there smirking.

"I thought she was mad at him." Liam said shaking his head.

"She is." I spoke as everyone turned to face me.

"Then explain that." Harry said gesturing to the stairs.

"What do you know?" Bekah asked.

"Hannah is making Louis jealous." I shrugged.

"Oh this should be fun." Niall said.

The strange people walked down the stairs. Hannah walked down the stairs staying as far as possible. Well she sure is doing a great job at whatever she is doing.......

"You guys wanna watch a movie." Zayn asked. Oh brother.....

No one's pov

The group agreed to watch Daddy Daycare. As the movie began Hannah sat on the floor with Louis but she totally ignored him. Towards the end of the movie she began to cuddle with him. He questioned himself asking the same question over and over again;why was she doing this? He didnt know the answer but it was making him fustrated.

After the movie Zayn and Summer left. Later Bekah and Louis left. Harry stayed till 12:00 as him and Niall watched the football game. Then he left. Hannah and Niall went to bed right after.

The next day
Louis' pov

Everyone was back over at Hannah's in the morning. I couldnt tell Hannah the real reason I cheated with Alison. Its cause actually I was cheating on Alison with Hannah. Alison and I had been dating for nearly 2 years and no one knew a thing. But when I seen Hannah I fell hard. So I got with her. I broke up with Alison the next day but she asked for one more time. So it happened.

I still dont know whats happening between us right now. I walked in the front door and headed straight for the kitchen. Hannah was in there making a ham sandwhich.

"Babes you better tell me what those little stunts you were pulling yesterday were." I said wrapping my arms around her waist.

"I have no clue what you mean." She said placing the bread on top of her finished sandwhich.

"Sure you dont." I said.

"I dont." She said. I flipped her around and leaned aganist her pushing her back on the counter. I leaned forward till our lips were almost  touching. "I think you do."

"N-no I really dont." She stuttered. I had her now. I pressed againist her even more. "Sure bout that."

"Ok i was trying to make you jealous." She confessed.

"Oh really?" I questioned." Well it worked."

"Oh really? She mocked.

"Yes." I confessed stepping away "You did."

"Then you wont mind if I do this." She said stepping closer then pressing our lips together. She put her arms around my neck and mine flew to her waist. This felt so right. Having her in my arms kissing her. But i have to tell her the truth. I pulled away and she frowned.

"Hannah you need to know the truth." We sat down at the table and I explained the whole Alison problem.

"So you love me?" She asked.

"Course do you love me." I asked.

"Of course but." She stopped and walked over and sat on my lap." I want to hear you say it yourself."

"Hannah Horan I love you so will you take my stupid idiot of a self back?" I asked.

"Of course." She said pressing her lips to mine again.

Yeah double update! My birthday is close! So i was texting Summer how I had 593 reads. Then when I closed it the reads went up to 613! Wow thanks guys. Comment and Vote. :)

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