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"We woke a world, a world within." —The Brontë Children

Once upon a time, the sun was hot. It was so hot, in fact, that the planet Earth was just a ball of molten rock suspended in a cloud of noxious vapors. Mars, on the other hand, was doing fine. It had a rich atmosphere back then—oceans, rivers, trees, a wide variety of animal life... even people.

All things considered, the people of Mars didn't look so very different from you or me. There was some variation in height, hair coverage, skull shape, and the like. But what are minor details like these among friends?

As the millennia wore on, much of the sun's heat dissipated into the endless vacuum of space. It still had plenty of heat to spare, but only for its closest neighbors. The change on Mars was so gradual that hardly anyone even noticed. Life went on, as it will, adapting to conditions as they arose.

Oceans began to recede as more and more of their water found its way the Martian poles, settling into those sprawling reservoirs of ice. Eventually, a comfortable place to live could only be found in one of the tropical regions near the equator—and even they were getting a bit chilly. The people of Mars had to construct massive greenhouses to protect their crops from the increasingly frigid winds. It became common for more affluent families to reside in such greenhouses, while the majority of Martians moved into underground cities.

And all the while, Earth was coming into bloom.

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