Flirting: Tris P.O.V.

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The boy Marshmallow attacked came into the cafeteria, he grabbed my arm "C'mon sweetheart. Come sit with me and the rest of us initiates who er gonna pass this'a year. You can be my gurl, then I'll help ya through your initiation." He said flirtatiously.

I smiled 'sweetly' at him. "Hun, a few things. No, leave me alone. And I'll never catch myself near you for a good enough reason. Finally, sweetie, I already passed my initiation. 1st place last year, and I choose how well you do because I'm your instructor." I snapped, tripping him and making his food crash on his face. Smiling I headed to my seat.

A/N: I meant for the spelling mistakes. That's how he talks while Marshmallow broke his jaw.

Please read ^. It's short and important. Read the following too.

Sorry it's short, Marshmallow will return and I'm still sick, plus I now have my allergies and tests for 8th grade classes coming up.

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