~37~ the uninvited visitor

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“Take care,” I hand the clipboard back to the postman. He’s listening to earphones. Ooh, bad boy. Honestly, I’d do the same. I smile as he winks goodbye to me. 

Now I can finally leave the house! And go on a date with ice-cream boy—I mean, Leo. I’ve been looking forward to it for the past week! I would have left earlier but Dad wanted me to wait for the post. D@mn him. He’s been doing online shopping again…

As I’m closing the door, a smart brown oxford shoe blocks the gap. I gasp as the intruder pushes the door open. The parcel slips out of my hands as I press my palms against the door, trying to slam the door on his fingers. He’s too strong for me. His fingers curl around edge and for a few seconds I’m involved in a futile battle with him. My heavy breathing and his grunts are the only sounds I hear. I almost stumble as he forces the door open. His hands land on my waist and I regain my balance after a brief teetering period. Over his shoulder, I can see the postman’s van from a short distance. I seize upon the opportunity and scream. Mr Zeepler looks momentarily stunned. He slams the door shut.

“I don’t think he heard you,” he smirks. Mockingly, his fingers point to his ear. “Don’t you agree?”

I walk a few steps backwards. “I’ll say this once, Mr Zeepler. Please go.”

Mr Zeepler’s eyes are locked with mine. They seem too bright and… focussed. He’s looking rather rough around the edges. He isn’t his usual clean-shaven self. The light reflects the golden stubble covering his cheeks. His ash-blond hair is dishevelled. A few buttons of his crisp shirt are buttoned in the wrong order.  

“My dad’s coming back any minute,” I say, trying to keep my voice from trembling.

I fold my arms and glare at him. The illusion of confidence may make him question himself.

“He left thirty minutes ago, Amelie,” he laughs. “Don’t think I’m dense.”

I blink. What? Now he’s spying on me? My hands grope around my shorts pockets for my phone. I’m ending this right now.

Enchanté, Miss Amelie,” He studies my body for a moment. “Enchanté.”

It’s a warm afternoon, so I decided to wear a pretty camisole and shorts combination. I didn’t want to be overdressed nor too casual. It’s just a first date, after all. 

Yet, if I’d have know Mr Zeepler would be “inviting” himself into my home, I probably wouldn’t have shown so much skin.

He has to force himself to look away from my legs.

His eyes darken as they glide over my hair and travel down to gaze at my neck. My skin pricks with goosebumps. I'm cold.

He moves closer to me. The hard wood of the curved side table pokes against my thighs. Mr Zeepler’s cheeks colour. He props my chin up with his warm fingertips. “Now I can see more of that ravishing neck.” 

He gives me a roguish grin. It’s like the devil himself has possessed him.

His face is inches away from mine. I can smell alcohol on his breath. He threads his fingers through my hair and begins to stroke my head.

“It’s impossible to make you ugly,” His face descends down on mine.  


My hands curls around the flower vase and I thrust it against his head. The water splashes on his shirt and flowers scatter onto the wood boards. He curses as I manage to wriggle away from him. Breathless, I head towards the stairs. I’ll be able to call the police from my room or Dad’s room. My feet sprint two at a time up the first flight. His low silky voice calls out to me. As I’m about to climb up the second flight, my feet trip over a small crack in the wood. 

I tumble down the stairs and knock my head against the bannister. No scream comes out of my mouth.

The last thing I see is Mr Zeepler’s alarmed face staring down at me. 

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