In Unison

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Logan's POV
As my impressive little Luna spoke her waist length blonde hair blew behind her in the wind, reflecting the moonlight. Otis had put me straight and I felt terrible about underestimating Leoni. Gorgeous, blooming with my pup in her cute belly and absolutely incredible. The plan that she had come up with, in mere minutes had serious potential. It was far beyond anything the Council had come up with in the weeks since the Wedding.

I nodded but I did still have some strong reservations,  "Leoni, we already know that the Council had sent operatives into Crescent Moon Pack to monitor Fabian, unfortunately as I understand it these operatives have ceased communication with the Council. We must assume they have been compelled or killed. Fabian's mental talents are proving difficult to circumvent. We could suggest that a formal Council delegation visits the pack under the guise of a trade alliance or some such... but you need to know one thing..." with that I turned her to face me and crashed my lips to hers, before pulling away and staring deeply into her azure eyes, "I will pull the plug on the whole damn thing if I get any hint that your safety has been compromised."

This was my deal breaker. I had almost lost her to death once and those 2 minutes where she was technically gone were the worst 2 minutes of my existence. Otis was in total agreement with me on this point.

"Okay." She said.

"Then tomorrow, my love, we will set the wheels in motion. A certain evil bastard is going DOWN!"

That night we decided to stay out at the beach house as it was only a short way away and I organised for a few of our things to be delivered over. Arriving on the porch I made my Luna squeal with surprise as I lifted her and carried her bridal style over the threshold.

"Logan! Put me down!" She giggled and playfully hit me in the chest.

I set her on her feet in the living space and stared down at her - she really was incredibly petite for a she-wolf but she packed a massive amount of power not to mention sheer smarts.

I hugged her close before dropping to my knees in front of her. I took her hands and she looked down at me with surprise and confusion crossing her face.

"Leoni... my Luna... I am so sorry for keeping the Council's suggestions a secret from you... and for underestimating you... I was blinded by my protectiveness for you after what happened before... and with you carrying our pup. Sweetheart, I love you so much. Please forgive me, I swear to you I will do better," I pleaded.

She reached down and stroked my cheek which up until that moment I hadn't realised was stained with salty tears. I didn't care, I only cared about attaining her full forgiveness.

"Logan, you are Mine. Just as I am Yours. Of course I forgive you. I love every part of you as that is what my love for you is about. Even when you make a mistake, I still love you." I kissed her hands as she spoke and the sparks danced on my lips as they always did.

I moved my hands to her swelling stomach and she ran her hands through my hair sensually. I leaned in to kiss her bump through her dress. I loved that she had my pup growing inside her - I was filled with such a primal sense of pride. It had happened so much earlier than either of us had planned but I felt joy knowing how my gorgeous mate had adapted to things. The pregnancy had me simply in awe of her every moment that I laid eyes on her - I genuinely wanted to put as many pups in her as she would let me...

I moved my hands to the hem of her dress and pulled it up exposing her panties and bump to me. She shivered in anticipation. I leaned in once more, this time kissing the skin of her stomach over and over.

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