Claire stood on the crowded Queen Street East streetcar paying careful attention not to miss her stop. She was headed over to Gabe’s place for a casual movie night-in - He'd asked her out on another date when she called him to thank him for the rose.

Not wanting to risk committing to a date on the weekend when she wasn’t sure it would end with her having an orgasm, Claire suggested meeting up during the week instead. Gabe agreed, but insisted on a night-in since he had to be up early in the mornings for work. So now, Claire was headed to his place, wearing her most casual date outfit she’d donned in recent history of black leggings, shiny silver flats and a long white v-neck tee. 

Claire easily found Gabe’s place on Carlaw Street; it was only a short walk from the streetcar stop. Gabe answered his door just moments after she’d knocked.  Once again, she had to remind herself not to drool when she looked him over - Even in baggy grey sweats and a white undershirt, he looked achingly fuckable.  Claire thought that most men in sweat pants looked sloppy and unattractive, but when a man with a body like Gabe's wore them it felt like an invitation to cop a feel; the pants highlighted the buldge of his cock perfectly.

Pull yourself together Claire thought to herself. She'd decided that she wouldn't be throwing herself at Gabe this time around. He'd already rebuffed her advances twice and she did have some pride afterall.

"Come on in." Gabe said moving aside so Claire could get past him.

"Wow, your place is gorgeous!" Claire said unable to hide the surprise from her voice.

Gabe's place wasn't what she'd expected. When he gave her an address to a home rather than an apartment, she assumed he'd be leading her to some dingy basement apartment - She couldn't have been more wrong. Gabe's house was the perfect mix of old and modern. The hardwood floors and oversized trim were original to the home, but there was modern lighting and paint colours throughout. Claire guessed the place would be worth at least $800,000 and had no idea how a construction worker ended up living in it.  Maybe he dealt drugs on the side?

"Thanks, it took me a while to get it like this, but I'm happy with the results. It was a huge dump when I bought it which was why I could afford it - That and I bought it when this neighbourhood had more crackhead residents than yuppies."

"You did this yourself?" Claire said, almost gawking at him.

"It's sorta what I do for a living..." Gabe said smiling.

Duh... He was a construction worker. Obviously he'd be able to fix up his own house and isn't a drug dealer. Claire thought feeling embarrassed.

"Let me show you the main floor." Gabe said as he led her out of his entry way into the living room.

The main living area was a beautiful, open space, but it was clearly furnished for a bachelor. It was filled with an oversized black leather couch and massive flat screen TV.  For an instant, it looked like the couch had moved; Claire then realized there was a black dog sleeping on it.

"And who is this little baby?" Claire said walking over the the dog to give it a scratch on the head.

"That's Cupcake... She's friendly, you can give her a scratch."

"Cupcake?!" Claire said with a snort.

"I know, not exactly a name you'd expect for a guy's dog. You have no idea how embarrassing it is when I have to call her at the dog park." Gabe said with a laugh.

"So why the name?"

"It's actually my ex's fault.." Gabe started awkwardly.  "We agreed that I'd choose the dog, but she'd get to pick the name. When we broke up there was no question about who'd be keeping the dog, so now I've got a bad ass looking one-eyed pug with the most frou frou name out there."

"So... movie?" Claire said putting her attention back onto Gabe.  "What are we going to watch? Do you have Netflix?" 

"Have you seen True Romance?" 

"No... I haven't heard of it. But you really don't have to watch a RomCom for me. I know that guys can't stand them." Claire said, regretting that she'd told Gabe how much she loved sappy love stories. She didn't want him to feel that he'd have to sit through one with her.

"Believe it or not,  despite the name, it's not really a RomCom. Think of it as a mix of what you and I like to watch.  Anyways, you keep Cupcake company for a few minutes while I go get us some popcorn." Gabe said leaving the room.

As soon as Gabe was in the kitchen, and out of Claire's view, he put a hand down his pants and adjusted his erection so it was discreetly pressed up against him by the waistband of his underwear. He didn't want to walk back into the room popping a tent like he was a 12 year old who couldn't control his raging hormones.  Her tight little ass in those pants was what was making it hard for him to keep the big guy down; damn that girl was sexy.

While the popcorn was popping, Gabe grabbed the bottle of Bombay Sapphire he bought to have on hand for Claire, and made her a G&T.  Grabbing a second tumbler from his cupboard, he fixed himself a Smirnoff over ice.

"Ok, so just a warning - If your dog goes missing, just so you know, it's probably me who kidnapped her." Claire said as Gabe walked back into the family room with the snacks in hand.

Gabe looked over to see Cupcake lying on Claire's lap with all four of her paws in the air her and tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth, as she was getting her belly rubbed. "Cupcake you little slut! I thought I was your one true love! You're breaking my heart girl." He said clutching his chest.

Once the movie began, Gabe spent more time watching Claire's reactions to it than he did paying attention to the screen.  It was his favorite movie, and he'd hoped that she'd loved it as much as he did. Even if she didn't love the movie, she'd probably enjoy seeing a young Brad Pitt, he reasoned.  

"Is that Brad Pitt!?" Claire said with a huge smile on he face. 

"It sure is." Gabe said, happy that he was at least right about one thing.

"How have I not heard of this movie before?"

"It's from the 90's. It's the first thing Tarantino ever wrote, but it wasn't directed by him."

"OK, well that explains all the blood."  

Claire stayed quiet until they reached one of his favorite parts of the movie; the part when Alabama and Clarence got matching cherub tattoos.

"Oh that's so cute! Would you ever do that for a girl?" She asked Gabe without taking her eyes of the screen.

"No, no way." Gabe started. "When I find The One I'll get something at least four tmes that size."

"Really?'" Claire said turning her attention onto him. "I can't decide if that's incredibly romantic or incredibly stupid."

"I guess I'm prepared to find out the hard way."  Gabe said looking directly into her warm brown eyes.

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