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I got out the shower and went to grab my towel when.... where was my towel, I was to busy talking to kirigaya to get a towel from my draws, I got up and looked around the bathroom, I couldn't find any, my bathroom is really small so I normally kept them in my underwear draw because there was no room for them anywhere else, I asked quietly, "K-Kirigaya...c-can you get me my towel...."  "yeah, where are they" "..uuumm.."  "are you okay?.."  "my towels.."  "they are in..."  I couldn't tell him where they actually were " kirigaya could you go outside"  "okay" ... " where are your keys" , Oh No I locked the door and I completely forgot where the keys were, "k-kirigaya.." I had to get my towel to get dry? "go in the top draw next to my bed"  I heard him get up and open the draw, it then fell silent, I could feel myself getting red,"k-kirigaya... I'm sorryI heard him get up and he knocked in the bathroom door, I opened it slightly and a towel slid in, I dried myself and got dressed I then went into my bedroom to find my keys, I saw Kirigaya but he didn't look or talk to me, I found my keys and let Kirigaya outside, he turned around to and smiled at me, I then noticed... "Kirigaya, your face is red.."
He looked shocked then turned towards his motorbike and drove away without saying goodbye, I felt a little embarrassed when I thought about him, but I also felt warm whenever he appeared in my head, "stupid sinon"...... "he will never like you like that" a tear falled down my face and I couldn't help but cry, I decided to go inside and play GGO to set my mind of him.

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