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I still love you

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Hannah's pov

Liam I pulled away and stepped away from each other. Louis looked as if he was about to cry; which only made me want to cry. I looked down at the ground.

"Why?" Louis asked his voice cracking. And the tears streamed down my face.( ha see what i did there)

"Mate we got caught up in the moment." Liam spoke for the both of us.

"Yeah well I was actually feeling gulity for cheating on you Hannah but it seems you have already moved on." Louis said before walking out the front door. I thought about chasing after him. My brain said stay but my heart screamed go! But it looks like my brain wins.....

"I-I will just be going home now." I stuttered before walking out the same door Louis took. I walked the whole way home and then up the stairs to my home. I face planted onto my couch.

"WHY ME!" I screamed to no one. I decided I needed to get away. I cause way to much drama to be able to stay here any longer. I walked upstairs and began to pack my bags. I put everything in two big suitcases. Then I put my laptop, diary and other important stuff in my carry on bag. I got together my make-up bag then slide my phone in my back pocket. I took all my stuff downstairs then wrote a note.

Dear whoever finds this,

I have decided that I have caused all of you way to much drama. So I decided to go. This is not a suiside note. I have decided to leave this place. So I am gone. You dont have to put up with my drama anymore cause I am gone. I wont tell you where I am going so you cant come after me. When you find this you can inform the others. I might come home in the future but for now I will miss you all. Louis you might not believe this but Liam and I did not mean to kiss. I still and always will love you. Summer and Bekah you guys are the bestest friends ever. Liam I'm sorry if I caused you and Louis to fight so please make up and forget about me. Harry and Zayn I will miss your crazy ways. Thanks for being the best of friends. Niall you are the best brother anyone could ever ask for. I know its stupid to leave with a note since you are my brother but still I want you to know I am not going home to Ireland. I will miss you all dearly

Hannah Horan xxx

After I finished the note tears were coming down my face like a waterfall. But I knew this was for the best. I grabbed my stuff and took it out to the car. I put it in the backseat before climbing into the driver seat. I drove all the way to the airport. The same airport I picked Niall up at. I got my stuff out and slid my keys into my purse, just incase I decide to come back. I walked inside and waited for my plane to be called.

The next flight to Paris, France is now boarding.

Thats my cue. I walked over to the plane and gave the guard my ticket. I climbed on the plane and took my seat. This is going to be a long flight.

Your plane will be leaving in 5 minutes.

Five mintues later we are taking off into the air. And thus this long journey begins. I put in my headphones and play A team by Ed Sheeran.
Your flight will be landing soon. Please put up your devices and buckle up.

This is how I woke up. Now knowing I was in France and far from England.

I grabbed my luggage and walked off the plane. Katie was there and I walked over to her. Katie was my best friend all through high school and then she moved here.

"Omg it has been so long." She said pulling me into a hug. Over a phone call i told Katie everything that had recently happened.

"I know we should have meet up awhile ago." I said hugging her back.

We climbed in her car and started the way to her house. When we got there she showed me to my room and I went straight to sleep.

When I woke up I checked my phone for the time. I had a message from Niall and Summer.

Summer: hey han I seen your note Niall and I found it when we come to check on you. Where are you? We miss you! Text me soon.

Niall: sis you are never to much drama! If anything we need you drama :p. Please come back. Or atleast tell me where you are.

I decided to reply to Niall since he was my brother.

You remember Katie?

Yeah but are you ok i was so worried Louis says he is sorry and that now he knows he shouldve listened.

Im with Katie. I ignored the last part about Louis.

Isnt she in Paris? How did you get so far.

I payed my ticket I am living with Katie right now.

Then I got a message from Louis.

Hey Hannah listen I am so sorry I miss you so much and now i know for a fact that i still love you. It was a mistake.

Its fine dosent mean I am coming back right now.

Sis i miss you can I come pick you up at the airport. Please come home.

I will thank about it this is serious not just a oh i wanna get away kinda thing

I understand.

Babe please i miss you SO much. I need to talk to you in person and tell you how sorry i am.

You cheated on me. Why?

Then give me time to think about it.

Take all the time you need just hurry please :p

Babe Im sorry it meant nothing i was drunk.

Bull crap i KNOW you wasnt drunk that night i walked in. I actually thought about taking you back but now i see it was a mistake.

I know but i just i missed you.

So you couldnt come over and see me

Babe im sorry ok? The real reason is i dont know. It was a one time thing but i woke up the next day and she was next to me. Then she kissed me and things went to far.

That dosent make it better.

Yeah well im sorry. Ya know what maybe you should stay where ever you are. I DONT NEED YOU.

Fine then Tomlinson but i will NOT be coming back. Dont even bother to contact me.

Niall's pov

You can thank Louis I am NOT coming back.

Hannah sent that with a picture attach to it with all their recent messages.

"Tomlinson!" I screamed. Everybody turned around since we were in the same room.

"YOU TOLD HER NOT TO COME BACK!" I screamed tackling him to the floor. I punched him a couple times in the face before Zayn and Liam pulled me off.


"THATS IT!" I screamed before punching him one final time in the face making him pass out. "G'night."

Wow and there you have it. Here is one update. I will update more later as of now BYEZ

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