Chapter 78

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I didn't understand fully or may as well say that I was dreading the thought that I was thinking when I turned around and Sophia was holding a positive pregnancy test in her hand with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes when my eyes widened, my heart beat increased and I could feel a smile creeping on my face when she whispered in her goddamn of a beautiful voice, rising the awakening dead feelings within me which I even never knew I had, "I'm pregnant Ashton."



"I'm pregnant Ashton."

My heart beat increased to a million beats per second when I felt the energy leave my body, the senses leave my critical thinking, the blood leaving the mere place encompassing their visit, my knees buckled when I slowly dropped onto the floor, my breath leaving my body leaving no room and no power to even complain for the emptiness when I kept my eyes on Sophia's. She removed a tear from her eye careful enough not to ruin her makeup and laughed when I looked back at all the people holding the banners and they were still standing there smiling when some were recording the scene. There was silence everywhere, everyone looking at us when I couldn't form words, couldn't register the utterance of my vocabulary as I was just silent. My throat wasn't making any sounds, my mind was refusing to cooperate as right now, it itself was busy clubbing at the back of my brain that I was having a baby. My blood itself was silent, never rushing inside me, watching the drama merely wanting to pinch me for being silent as my girlfriend had just given me the good news. With me still on the floor I managed to whisper out, "Are. You. Serious?"

She laughed and nodded, "Yes."

"Real. Real. Serious?"


I slowly got up and held her arms, shaking her, my voice coming out a bit louder than before, 

"Sof. Are. You. Really. Pregnant?"

She laughed and nodded, "Yesssss."

I shouted in happiness, "YOU ARE PREGNANT?"

And she vigorously nodded her head in happiness, "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" and I got up, lifting her in my arms when I twirled her around. A huge round of applause was heard by the people when we heard everyone shouting in happiness and somewhere in the boat, many party poppers burst when I kept twirling Sophia around. She laughed and giggled and held onto me when I just twirled her around. Placing her back on her foot, I cupped her face and breathed out, my heart beating like a fucking lunatic, "Sof sof sof, my are pregnant? You are damn pregnant? Am I right? There-there is a baby inside you?"

She couldn't speak due to the happiness when she nodded again and I hugged her. I hugged her so bad, keeping my eyes close, my hold around her deathly strong as she buried her face in my neck hugging me back tightly as I couldn't believe it and that's when I understood. It wasn't her period lately that was making her stuff herself with loads and loads of food, it was her-our .........our baby. It was our baby inside her that needed food and this little thought made me smile like never before. The little munchkin was hungry and needed food. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't wipe off the smile off my face and the occasional tears that leaked out when I just hugged her so damn close to me. This is why she wanted to come to Thailand. This is why she told me to dress up and this is why she wanted to do this boat thing but how did she arrange all this was beyond my understanding and something that I would ask later.

Pulling away I looked at her when she was already smiling and I held her shoulders in the firmest of my grips that I had ever held her, "Sophia Romanno-uh I meant," I closed my eyes and rectified myself for the slip of tongue when she just smiled back, her smile warming my heart when I continued, "Sophia Greene, I, Ashton Alessandro Romanno vow, I vow to protect you and our baby," I touched my forehead with hers and gazed into her eyes when she gazed back, "all my life. I vow to protect our little one from all the dangers in this world and I promise to be there for him or her whenever they need me, however they need me. I don't care what the gender is, I don't care if it's a daughter, I don't care if it's a boy, all I care is that the baby comes out healthy and the mama of the baby remains healthy. That is literally all that I care about. Yes I love daughters and I also love sons, so my main point of concern is just the health of the baby and you. Sophia I promise that I will go to any lengths to protect you and our baby and I promise to save you both from every harm. I love you angel. I love love love you." and I kissed her forehead taking in a breath and calming my heart down when she just giggled, rubbing my arm to calm me down.

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