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This is quite possibly my longest oneshot. Check out my profile on tumblr, AO3 or here for the sequel to this.

"You might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant." - Rupi Kaur

― MARINETTE LOOKED around the city in wonder as she rode in the car to their hotel

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― MARINETTE LOOKED around the city in wonder as she rode in the car to their hotel. She, Jagged and Penny were in Gotham – Jagged's hometown – to meet one of his old friends, who – according to Jagged – was a mobster now.

At first, Marinette was unsure about how safe it would be but Jagged reassured her (again and again, she might add) that it was totally safe and that he was actually really nice because apparently his friend helped the homeless in Gotham. Even Penny agreed with Jagged.

That was the thing to cinch it. Jagged was extremely trustworthy but, he was kind of a like a huge kid himself – it made him a little more reckless.

Plus, it would be a good break from the hellhole she called a class. Lie-la had turned all of her friends (if they ever WERE her friends) against her with a few well-placed lies, the first being Alya and Nino (her best friends – that was what hurt the most). Adrien still insisted that Lie-la was 'doing no harm' so as a result, her crush on him (the extremely unhealthy one, she might add) had shriveled up and disappeared.

Seeing as none of them were going to believe her, Marinette washed her hands of them and started hanging out with Luka, Kagami and others. Tikki approved of her decision, stating, "They were never your friends Marinette, if they left you so quickly for someone they hardly even know. It's best you drop them before it hurts you even more."

AND she was getting an opportunity to design for Jagged too! He was thinking of doing a few concerts over here, and, of course, he would need his personal designer with him wouldn't he?

"So, what do you think Mari?" boomed Jagged. "Isn't Gotham rock 'n' roll?"

Marinette smiled at his enthusiasm and nodded. "Yeah, it's definitely different from Paris, Jagged. Definitely cool."

Most would say Gotham was dark and dreary and whatnot, but they weren't artists like Jagged and Marinette (though of different kinds...). They didn't see how she could draw so much inspiration from Gotham's darkness and rainy weather.

By the time the three of them left (for the whole summer break!!), Marinette would have an entire closet drawn in her sketchbook and hopefully, some dresses made too!

"Sir, Ma'ams, your hotel is here." Said the driver.

Penny – ever the organized one – hustled Jagged up and got ready to leave. "Come on Mari," she said laughingly when she saw Marinette was still jotting ideas in her sketchbook. "You can draw afterwards. Let's get checked in first."

Marinette giggled and put her sketchbook into her backpack, with the miracle box. Hawkmoth was still at large so she and Tikki thought it would be best if they took the miracle box with them away from him. It would certainly be safer in Gotham (of all places) than Paris. And she could use the horse miraculous to go to Paris every time there was an akuma attack as soon as possible. Chat Noir – her so-called partner – was becoming more and more unreliable because Marinette refused to go out on a date with him. The audacity of him!

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