Merida had a frustrated look on her face as she was seated on a wooden stool in her room. She was wearing her skin-tight under-clothing. The princess felt rather naked and overexposed, despite her and probably every woman in the high lands wearing the clothing every day.

Behind her was her mother; Queen Elinor of their clan, Dunbroch. She brushed Merida's big mass of hair using a hairbrush with all her force and might. Some chunks of the redhead's hair were taken with the hairbrush, falling to the floor, making quite a mess of hairfalls.

"Aah!" Mer exclaimed, her head being dragged down with the brush.

Elinor then pulled the laces on the back of the princess' dress after and made her wear a cyan blue dress made out of silk. It was shining as the sunlight from the nearest window hit the smooth fabric.

She tied her hair up in a bun and pushed all that inside a tight white head dress. Merida groaned some more, planning ways on how to rip it to shreds without her mother finding out.

She definitely hated whatever she was wearing, especially the head dress. She thought it made her look like a grouchy onion.

As a finishing touch, Elinor hung a necklace around her neck. It was a silver necklace, with three bears carved on the pendant in an illusional and artistic way. She didn't thought it was so bad, it was one good thing from her entire outfit.

Merida grunted again as she struggles to move.. and breathe properly. She tried stretching her limbs around, but it was no use. The longest they can reach was still in an acute angle.

Elinor took a few steps back to get a better view on Merida. She stared at her in awe, looking like the proudest parent in the world. "You look absolutely beautiful!"

"I-I can't breathe!" Merida whined.

"Oh hush. Give us a turn." She raised her hand up and did a circular motion with her fingers. Merida obeyed and tried to turn around with all she can.

Simply stretching my limbs was already a struggle, and now she wants me to do a turn-around?

Her head dress was squeezing and pulling her face deep in clothing like a little kid being pulled under his bed by the boogeyman. And she felt as if her hips were being twisted.

"Ugh..! Ah' can't move! It's.. too tight!" The princess squirmed.

Elinor stood there, examining her and watching as her daughter struggled in the dress, there was a long awkward silence in the room. Her eyes softened.

"Merida.." she spoke out, more quiet than usual.

Merida stopped the groaning and the plannings in her head on how to burn the outfit, and looked up at her, anxious of what she'll say.

"Mum..?" She gulped.

Elinor took a few steps towards her, her expression still pensive. "Just.."

Elinor wanted to tell her.. how she felt, and why she was doing this. How all she does, she does out of love and that she needs to understand that this is for the kingdom and keeping it in power. But, that's not all she desires to tell her.. she also wanted to tell her that she loves her so.. something they both would always forget to tell each other everyday. But, she was hesitant.. she doesn't know why, but she doesn't know how to start it, how to end it or how to say it. She couldn't form a sentence right now to save her life.

Unfortunately, she chose the next best option, though- to not say it. Elinor fixed her position, her hands positioned on top each other in front of her stomach.

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