Chapter 1 - Enter! Naruto Uzumaki (PART 1)

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I decided to go back again and remove the POV changes, I'm going to try and re-write this all in third person so I apologise if the story seems whack, I probably haven't finished editing most of them. (I will change this note once I have fixed all of the chapters)
I also indent my paragraphs so sorry if it's confusing. (What I also find confusing is why I took two years off and in 2018 I've decided to come back to this lol, Naruto fanfic)


EPISODE: [001]


[Name] = Your Name

The young boy sighed in satisfaction after inhaling the fresh air all around him, the nostalgic scent of the surrounding forest sending him into a trance like state. Peace of mind giving him the clarity to identify exactly what was triggering his senses, he slowly brought his eyes to a close, enthralling himself in the soft sound of a passing breeze that was delicately caressing the leaves and life that hung off of the never ending sea of trees. The more he breathed in the aroma of freshly cut grass and tree bark, the more relaxed he became. Settling into the hard surface of the roof he was someone able to find comfort. Breathe in, breathe out. Deeper and deeper, he felt himself finally begin to feel full at peace; his body began to follow his mind.
"Hahahahahaha!" A loud, childish laugh, jolted the young man to a wake.
"Naruto! Come back here! Oh, when I get my hands on you!" A more aggravated voice rang.
"You've crossed the line this time, Naruto!" At the sound of a third voice, the boy opened his eyes properly, rubbing them to try and clear his vision to see what had so rudely interrupted him. He sighed annoyed at whoever decided it was idea to run around the town screaming this early. His eyes were met with the sight of two lower ranked, male ninja and a child. The child, Naruto, wore a bright, goofy smile that seemed mischievous right down to the core, his orange jumper tied around his waist showing only his black t-shirt, and his pants of the same colour seeming to have a comfortable fit that held onto his legs tighter at the ankle. his hair was stiff and blonde; yellow almost, with green goggles resting at the top of his forehead, seeming to unintentionally hold his hair back and in place while he was running. Naruto's deep blue ninja sandals continued to patter across the rooftops of the many town buildings, the two ninja's feet following suit.
"Hahahaha, Give it up! You're just jealous 'cause you don't have the guts to do what I did, do you?! Losers! Wannabes! You'll never catch me, hahahaha!" Naruto mocked while continuing to laugh childishly, not stopping his pace in order to outrun the ninja lagging behind him.
"Naruto, hold on!" The older nin yelled, jumping with his comrade to try and catch up, running straight past a nearby wooden fence. Mere seconds after the two ninja disappeared trying to find him, a sheet that was camouflaging and blending into the fence, slowly peeled off of the wooden stakes. The sheet releasing its grip completely only to reveal a smug Naruto, cackling in victory.
"Ahahahaha, that was too easy," Naruto laughed.
"Oh really now?!" Naruto yelled, frightened at the sound of another loud voice booming in his ear as he leaped up high only to land harshly on the firm pathway.
"Where'd you come from Iruka-sensei? What're you doing here?" He questioned the ninja identified Iruka.
"No, what are you doing here Naruto?! You're supposed to be in class!" The older ninja firmly grasping the young boy's ear and dragging him along in a direction he knew all too well.

"I'm at the end of my rope Naruto, you failed the graduation test last time and the time before that. Now, tomorrow you've got another chance and you're already messing up again!" Iruka lectured in the same loud and booming voice, scolding the careless and tied up Naruto who sharply turned his head away from Iruka, huffing and puffing out his chest in stubbornness. "Fine then! Because you missed it, Naruto, everyone will now have to review the Transformation Jutsu!" The entire class groaned in disappointment and stood up from their chairs, making their way down to the front of the classroom in a line. Iruka walked to the front desk and picked up a cork clipboard with a sheet of paper held to it, "now...let's begin."

"Alright, Sakura here, let's do this! Transform!" The young pink-haired girl yelled before transforming into her sensei.
"Transformed into me, good," Iruka responded, writing notes on the sheet of paper.
"Yes! I did it yes, yes!" Sakura squealed excitedly. "Sasuke, did you see that?!" She asked frantically to the raven-haired boy who was next in line after her. Receiving no reply, she walked to the back of the line.
"Next, Sasuke Uchiha." Iruka called, focusing on his clip board while writing things down. A loud boom sound was heard as smoke once again surrounded a student, Iruka looked up from his clipboard to see Sasuke had transformed into him also.
"Ah,, Naruto Uzumaki."
"This is a total waste of time, Naruto," a male student next to Naruto groaned, his hair was tied up in a spiky ponytail that almost resembled a ponytail, he wore brown pants and a green-lined mesh armour t-shirt, with a short-sleeved grey jacket which was green-lined also.
"Yeah! We always end up having to pay for your dumb screw ups," the female student next to him added. She had fair skin and long platinum blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail that reached her waist, bangs covering the right side of her face. She was wearing a purple high-collared blouse with three silver hoops attached to part of the fabric, along with a matching purple apron skirt and white arm warmers. Underneath these she had white bandages wrapped around her abdomen and her legs down to her thigh.
"Like I care," is all Naruto said before walking towards Iruka-sensei.
Good luck, Naruto.
"Transform!" Naruto yelled, lines of blue energy surrounding him like a dime before he was covered by a cloud of white smoke. The smoke finally cleared only to reveal a cute, older, female version of Naruto wearing no clothes, the on,y source of coverage being delivered by a few small clouds. "Ooo, hehe~"
"Agh!" Iruka-sensei yelled and fell back as blood rushed out of his nose more aggressively than a river stream on a dead-set course.
"Hahahahahaha! how was that? I call it the 'Sexy Jutsu'!" Naruto cackled.
"You fool! Quit your stupid tricks!

"This sucks, loser," Naruto muttered under his breath.
"You're not going home until you've cleaned up every single drop of paint from the Hokage heads," Iruka told him while Naruto continued to rub off red paint with a cloth already partially soiled in red.
"So what? There's no one waiting at home for me anyway!" He retorted.
"..." There was a long silence in the awkward atmosphere that hung around the ninja and ninja-in-training.
"Naruto..." Iruka called.
"What do you want now, Sensei?" He replied in annoyance.
"Well, I was just thinking that maybe after you clean this all up I could take you out for some ramen, the good stuff. What do ya think?" His sensei asked.
"Ah! Now that's some serious motivation! I'll have this squeaky clean in no time!"

There was a new silence in the air between Iruka and Naruto as they sat at Ichiraku's Ramen Shop, eating. Naruto happily slurped up noodles non-stop, greatly enjoying himself.
"Hey, Naruto," Iruka started.
"Why would you do that to the Hokage faces? I mean, you know who the Hokage are, don't you?" He emphasised with his left hand.
"Of course, I do-" Naruto replied, finishing his current bowl of ramen, "-everybody knows. They were the greatest shinobi of their time; the best of the best; undefeated ninja champs. Especially the Fourth Hokage, he was a true hero; the one who saved the village from the nine-tailed demon-fox."
"Then why did you-"
"Because I'm going to be a Hokage myself and I'll become the greatest Hokage who ever lived! Then everyone will stop disrespecting me and look up to me, believe it!" Naruto proclaimed. " the way, Sensei, I kinda have a favour I wanna ask."
"You want another bowl?" Iruka guessed but Naruto shook his head.
"Can I wear your leaf headband for a bit? Please!" He begged.
"Ah, this? No way, this headband is worn only by those who graduate from the academy and become ninja. You've gotta pass the test tomorrow to wear one," Iruka explained.
"You're so mean!"
"Hehe. Hey, is that why you took off your goggles?" He chuckled.
"Uhh, I want another bowl!" Naruto demanded, attempting to change the topic.
"Uh uh, I don't think so," Iruka shook his finger in a joking manner, "it's getting late now, and you've got to rest up for the exam tomorrow." Naruto groaned in disappointment.
"Sensei," he whined, "why are you always so mean to me?" He slumped out of the bar stool and sulked away from the Ramen cart, waving to Iruka, to which he waved back.
"How silly," he shook his head in disbelief. After Naruto had left, Iruka decided to stay in his seat for a bit longer. After a few minutes, got off of the bar stool and stood up straight, he turned around and was about to start walking away but the sight in front of him caused him to freeze in his place.

[EDITED, 07/01/2018]

Naruto ©Masashi Kishimoto

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