Facing Fears

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Leoni's POV
"I didn't know you could hide things from our bond Logan... are you hiding anything else?" I said feeling tears come to my eyes.

"No. Absolutely not. It normally isn't possible to hide anything from the bond but I put up my mental wall much of the time when we were together. I wanted to tell you about their idea but I just didn't want you to feel pressured or have any misplaced sense of duty... I couldn't bear it if you got hurt again Leoni..." He pleaded with me, I could feel his emotions and thoughts flood across the bond. I shut off my mind from the bond. I needed to think for a minute.

He lied to me... yes he was doing it with intentions of keeping me safe, but I had my own mind and Hell, I wasn't some weak little lamb that he needed to protect from the world. That was how my parents had treated me, they had sheltered me from almost everything and I only ended up in desperate danger, completely untrained and unable to protect myself. I was his mate but I was not his to control. We were supposed to me in this together - wasn't that the whole point of our Wedding ceremony?? Yes, he was my Alpha, but I am his Luna.

"Logan... you Should have told me as it was My decision to make not yours... we are meant to be partners under the Moon Goddess... you once told me that I wasn't your possession... and I'm not." A tear escaped and fell down my cheek as I addressed him, "Yes, I am fully aware that I am pregnant. And yes, I wouldn't want to put our pup at any risk whatsoever... but he Is at risk right now. Don't you see?"

He looked at me, confusion and a look of irritation passing across his face. This Alpha had been used to making decisions for everyone around him for such a long time now, but he needed to learn that he couldn't make my decisions for me. He needed to learn that fact and learn it Fast... as there was no way I was going sit and do nothing while Fabian was potentially going to murder my pup.

"Our pup is not at risk. We will protect him from anything he may need protected from." He said sternly. Like he expected that to be the end of it. No way Mr Alpha. I needed him to understand the real threat that Fabian posed and why we should work with the Council. We needed information and we needed to find a way to prevent my Uncle from being any future threat.

"Fabian can infiltrate a pack - we need to Learn from his using Felicity to get to me!! What if he compelled someone else in the pack, a nurse in the hospital, Mel, your mother or father... You??" Tears of fear and frustration were now falling down her cheeks, "Logan, our baby is in danger, we all are until Fabian is ended. And I am the only one who can stand up to his compulsion."

"NO!!!" he shouted and slammed his huge fist down on the table, making the table shake. I felt myself jump back in sudden fear. He had never raised his voice to me before; or sought to display physical dominance over me before.

I reacted instinctively and as Storm urged me to - an out of control Alpha would be a very unsafe werewolf for me to be around, especially with the tiny pup growing in my stomach. I teleported straight to Imelda.

The witch nearly jumped clean out of her skin when I appeared beside her, looking around me quickly I realised I had teleported myself to the little cottage the pack had gifted along with lifelong honorary membership of the Midnight Moon Pack.

"Sorry!" I whispered urgently, holding up my hands by way of apology.

Imelda was still clasping her chest but started to chuckle.

"Now That was the kind of entrance I would expect from Only you, Luna..." she said laughing softly, "you realise I have incredibly strong barrier charms All over this Cottage... I can see they don't work on you and any rate!"

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