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Chapter 14

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********Wow i did not realise it had been so long since i uploaded and i feel really bad cause this isn't very long or very good but i promise I will make the next chapter longer and better.  My laptop is completely fucked so i will try and upload as much as i can but i'm having to borrow this laptop until i can get another one, so yep, kinda shit.  anyways, please remember to vote and comment :)********

The next few days passed relatively drama free - for my life anyway.  Well apart from Wednesday when Jenna called in tears to say her new mystery man was already taken so I spent the night listening to her crying over him and passing the tissues.

As much as I love Jenna I hate these situations and am probably the one person you should steer clear of when you’re having one of these dilema’s - I have a tough love look at things and by the end of the night I just wanted to slap her and shout ‘get a grip.’

I didn’t though; instead I droned on about how he was just a loser who didn’t deserve her and I think she forgot I’d never even met him because that seemed to be what she wanted to hear.

Work was crap - well when’s it not crap?  I just mean crapier than usual.  First of all we got a leak from the Accountants office upstairs where some stupid intern managed to leave the tap on in the bathroom and flood the whole floor.  How the hell do you manage to flood an office, seriously?  This intern straight from St Andrews University was obviously the definition of bright!

With idiots like that I wouldn’t have any problems getting into uni - you know if I didn’t have the attention span of a three year old on acid.  Makes you wonder who they’re letting in these day though doesn’t it?

So I spent the rest of the week in my normally spacious office cramped together with countless lawyers like freaking sardines who droned on non-stop about cases they’d taken on and different laws bla…bla…bla. 

It’s like they didn’t know how to shut up and every time I turned the radio up they just got louder until I ended up cracking and blasting Tiesto.  I guess Alan must have heard it too cause the next thing I knew he was standing at his door giving me the death glares.  I know, I was shocked he got off his arse too but I guess with the music I couldn’t hear the phone.

He went mental which I think is totally unfair - I was just trying to instil some Friday feeling into everyone and at least I was letting them listen to decent music instead of the shit he likes. 

In the end it didn’t matter though because he made me turn it down and I spent the rest of the afternoon updating Leanne’s status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Married’, then text her saying:

Haha bitch u’v been fraped pmsl xx

Is it weird I can guess all my mates passwords?  Whatever I don’t care.

By the end of the day I’d managed to get death glares from pretty much every person who’d taken over my office and I met every one of them with a dirty look back.  It was a Friday though so I think I let them off lightly and didn’t pull them up or have one of my famous hissy fits.

As I grabbed my bag and tried to manoeuvre my way around all the extra desks crammed into the small space I was relieved it was finally the weekend.  Party time - definitely.

When I got home I started the routine of jumping in the shower and then panicking when I realised I only had an hour and a half to get my hair, make-up and outfit sorted out before I had to be at Leanne’s for a few pre-nightclub drinks. 

In other words, we get completely mortal drunk before we leave so we don’t have to pay a fucking fortune when we’re out because Emma’s having a bit of a cash flow problem at the minute.

I got my phone bill in the other day and nearly fainted on the spot when I finally had the balls to look at it.  Who knew you could use 1200 minutes in less than a month? 

So now my bank was £130 lighter and I was not amused.  I actually nearly cancelled tonight until I thought ‘Screw that you’re only young once’.

My music was blaring as I dried my hair - totally pointless because I couldn’t hear it over the hairdryer - when my phone flashed up next to me.  I switched the dryer off and grabbed my brush running it through my hair as I checked my phone.

Are you out tonight?

I sighed and deleted the message.  I still don’t have a clue how he got my number but I can’t be assed answering him - asshole.

He’s probably checking so he can avoid me in town which is ok with me but if he thinks I’m actually gonna waste precious getting ready time to answer him then he can stew on it.  After the message was deleted I threw my phone back on the bed and went back to drying my hair in a panic.

Leanne was always early, which is why she pretty much expects everyone else to be early so whenever she gives you a time you have to take 15 minutes away from that and then that’s the real time you need to be there at or feel the bitches wrath.

I was surprised when I actually made it to her flat on time, a litre of vodka and a 70cl of tequila in hand.  I’d stopped off at Tesco on the way over to get the drink and some fucking 10 year old had asked for ID.  I mean seriously, do I look fucking 18? 

I know people say you should take it as a compliment but those people should go fuck themselves - they’ve obviously never been ID’d from some stupid frizzy haired twit who’s younger than you are.  I know it’s the law and everything but come on, if 12 year olds can manage to get served how the fuck did I get carded?

I seriously wanted to ram my ID up her ass but handed it over with a dirty look, watching the smirk get wiped straight off her face as she realised I did have some on me.  Don’t get me wrong I feel for her working on a Friday night and everything but come on who does that?

She slammed my ID back on the checkout counter and I picked it up, giving her the dirtiest look I could before saying “Hey don’t slam my ID down my hand was right here.”

She looked up, a guilty look on her face like she’d just been caught doing something she shouldn’t have and apologised.  Yeah, if that stupid little twat thinks I’m not gonna say anything then she’s never met me - I’m loud, outspoken and take no shit from anyone you freaking belter.

So when I finally got to Leanne’s I was in a great mood - really floating on cloud nine.

“Hey bitch,” Leanne said opening the door to me when I knocked.  “Guess what Amy cancelled.”

“You’re kidding, ho come?” I asked shocked as I walked into her living room to find Jenna already sitting there with a drink in hand.

“Oh, she said she couldn’t get a babysitter,” Leanne answered as I took a seat next to Jenna.

“Is this Amy?” Jenna asked sitting back.

Leanne nodded while I exclaimed, “That’s bullshit what’s that fucking husband of hers doing tonight?”

“Probably screwing his bit on the side,” Leanne stated harshly and we both turned to stare at her.

“What?  You know it’s true,” she defended herself, before going into the kitchen and coming back through with a glass for me.

I sighed not bothering to break the silence which had engulfed the room. 

“So where are we hitting tonight?” Jenna asked and I quickly felt guilty.

I’d forgot that she just found out the guy she was seeing already had a girlfriend and so had Leanne by the expression on her face.  Sure she’d only known him a few weeks but for Jenna to even take the risk with him in the first place shows she must have really liked him.

“What about Underground for a change?” I replied trying to keep the conversation rolling.

“Ah we could go to the union on you’re card,” Leanne shrieked with an evil grin, meaning the student union famous for cheap drinks and cheaper students who won’t even tip a taxi driver 10p without counting out the coppers.

“Aww no I’m sick of the union,” Leanne whined while I filled my glass up.

“Come on babe please, we’re skint,” I begged with an innocent smile.

She groaned but I knew she was starting to think about it now.  The Dundee student union was practically across the road from the underground and about a five minute walk from my house.

“Come on Jenna don’t be a gimp,” Leanne told her and Jenna glared at her, before finally giving in with a “Fine.”

“Thanks hun,” I said with a smile.  “Leanne you got any shot glasses?”

“Yeah why?” she countered and I gave her a smile before pulling the bottle of tequila out the carrier bag.

Jenna whimpered loudly probably remembering her first night on Tequila and Leanne gave me a wicked grin back.

The first time Jenna ever drank Tequila was on holiday in Aiya Napa and she got so shit-faced off the stuff she tried to go skinny dipping at like the back of 7 in the morning when we got back to the hotel after the nightclubs finished. 

It was not fun trying to chase her around the beach with loads of early rising older folk watching while she pulled all her clothes off and decided nothing was going to stop her going in the water ‘au natural’.  In the end it took all three of us to drag her out the water before she fucking drowned and we have never let her live it down. 

Tequila and Jenna do not mix but tonight she will be getting completely wasted off the stuff and doing something really random and probably stupid with us two.

Leanne got some shot glasses and filled them up while Jenna tried to convince us both to let her off with it, but she is not getting off that easily.

“Please guys you know me and tequila don’t mix,” she cried.

“Stop whinging,” I told her sympathetically as me and Leanne grabbed our glasses and waited for her to grab hers which was still sitting on the table.

“Please,” she begged again.

“Tell you what if you down that you don’t have to have anymore,” Leanne bargained with a smirk.

Jenna looked like she might argue for a second, before she sighed and raised the glass.

“Cheers,” we all chorused before tipping the glass and necking back the drink.

We all slammed the glasses back on the table when we were done and I caught Leanne’s eye grinning.  As soon as Jenna got the taste for it she would not stop and we both knew that.

“Ok I’m not having anymore,” Jenna said after she took a long drink from her vodka.

Yep, famous last words Jenna but we all know who’ll be swigging it straight from the bottle later.

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