Chapter | 28

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Warning: 2 chapters merged in 1. Both containing nonromantic-able scenes. Do not, or I will pull out the broom.

 Do not, or I will pull out the broom

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A young Hijabi woman held onto her teenage daughter as they got flung from the explosion, their house ambushed merely two minutes ago.

"Zoraida!" The older women yells, pulling the girl away from the house and into the woods, away from the explosions. Their bodyguards were getting shot, and none managed to accompany them nor can they wait for them to.

"Mama, what about Papa?!"

The older woman did not answer, and instead tells her daughter, "Cover your eyes and only leave room for the ground. Use your Hijab, cover them quick!"

"Why?!" The girl asks as her mother drags her through the woods, the explosions fading behind them but still making their ears ring.

Suddenly, the woods are no longer safe from them because the trees suddenly disappear. And so, the older woman immediately covers both of their eyes with their own head covering, standing frozen since they now do not know where to go.


"Do not look. Refuse to listen... and do not believe anything you see..." she strictly instructs, just as a laugh emerges around them as if the wind is taunting them.

"Oh dear," a soft, heavenly voice emerges from around them like the whispers of wind. "How touching to see a mother and a daughter..."

The Female Diplomat draws a dagger, one hand clamp shut on her daughter's eyes and the other threatening anything that comes close to them. Her eyes are protected by the sheer will of her lids. "Don't come near us, you witch! Stay away from my daughter! Your illusions will not fool us, Diwa!"

"How can you protect her when you're pointing the wrong way? Haha, such useless weapon," The female voice taunts, before a hand grabs the Diplomat's wrist.

She immediately retaliated and kicks wherever that hand came from, grabbing the almighty Diwa's wrist to free her own. She immediately slashes, dealing damage to the powerful entity's shoulder despite still having her eyes closed.

"ARGH!" Diwa's screams echo in the woods despite the trees not being present wherever they're standing. "You bled me! You... you dare...! Dare... ha... ha ha.... hahahaha!"

But then, it was the Diplomat who made a mistake. Diwa's hurt voice turned into that of victory when the mother and daughter is finally separated, Diwa flinging the mother away.


"Zoraida!" She swings her dagger around, but hands first so she will not accidentally slash her daughter.

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