Road trip part1

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I have endless missed calls off Matt but I'm not answering them.Why should I?he didn't want to know me all night and now I'm hanging out with the Jacks and Nat he gets all protective.Yeah I did see him looking for me but he was the first to walk off.I read the time on my phone along with all the messages.I want to call him back but should I?I decide to call him after a few minutes of thinking.

"Hello"Matt says."hi"I say awkwardly."why did you walk off like that?"Matt says."why do you think?you made a big deal out of nothing and I wanted to go home anyway"I explain."sorry for walking off but I was looking for you"Matt apologises."okay I'm gonna go to bed now,see Ya"I say."alright"Matt says.I get ready for bed but I can't sleep,It's not like I've had much to drink.

I wake up in the morning with a text from Hayes 'Hi y/n are we walking together today?' 'Sure,wanna ride instead?' 'You can drive?' 'Sure I'll ask my dad now' 'okay'

I go downstairs after getting dressed,washing my face,brushing my hair and teeth."Dad I want to drive to school like I used to in LA"I ask."sure but be careful and make sure you ask Hayes for a ride."Dad asks."sure thanks dad"I say.It's nearly time to go and I say good bye to my parents,go to the huge garage with 3 cars and pick out my white rolls Royce.I used to drive it to school in LA and I'm not sure if Mahogany and then know I can drive.I wait for Hayes outside and when he comes out a surprised facial expression was plastered on his face.He gets in the passengers seat."nice ride,my Dad had one"Hayes says."thanks"I say.We drive to school and I'm glad no one has noticed my hickey yet."thanks for the ride"Hayes says."no problem,same time tomorrow,"I ask."sure"Hayes replies.We walk together to our bench.

"Y/n where was you?"Mahogany asks me."I felt sick so I went home"I say cooly trying to play it off like that was what happened."awh are you ok now?"Mahogany asks."sure I'm good now"I say.The bell rings and I have math again.I walk on my own and when I get there I'm greeted by Natalie."hi how are you in school after yesterday?"I ask."no hangover"Natalie giggles.I chuckle and we go inside,we both sit next to each other."so anything going on with you and Matt?"Natalie asks."well..No"I say shyly."I know there is,I saw him try to kiss you at the party"Says Nat."okay but I'm not dating him or anything"I say."okay"Nat giggles.We get on with our work.

---skip till dinner---
I walk out of my lesson by myself.I look at my phone to see a text off my mom.It read that she was flying out to New York and she would be back in a week,she also mentioned that Dad was going to.I text back a simple 'ok' then shove my phone back in my pocket.I walk down the hall and I can just make out Gilinsky further on down.Hess facing the other way,I think it might be awkward from last night..I decide to be brave and walk past him..Not good.

"Y/n!"Jack shouts.I turn around to be greeted by his dark eyes."hi Jack"I reply."where's Matt?"He asks."I don't know,haven't seen him"I say awkwardly."why?Did you guys fight?"Jack asks curiously."nah we're good"I say.Jack nods his head,I go to walk away but he grabs my hand."Y/n wanna hang out?"Jack asks."sure when?"I ask."today?we'll go for a small road trip"Jack smiles."Sure,where will we go?"I ask."we'll see"Jack smirks.I smile back and walk down the corridor.When I get to the hall I don't see any of the group.I frown to myself and as I go to turn around someone approaches me."lost?"They ask with a warm smile.It's Sammy."just a tad"I giggle."whats up?"Sammy asks."i have no clue where any of my friends are"I say."oh do you wanna come with me outside?"Sammy asks."sure"I smile.We both turn around and walk outside."so where do you wanna go?sit on the bench?on the green?"Sammy asks."uh lets go on the green"I say.We walk down the path and onto the green which over looks the football field."don't see you around much"I say."yeah I know"Sammy says.We sit in silence for a few seconds until Sammy breaks the silence."y/n,are you dating?"He asks."no,are you?"I ask."nah,I haven't got time for relationships"sammy says."oh really?"I say raising an eyebrow."yeah do you think I'm lying or something?"Sammy jokes.The bell interrupts our conversation,so we get up and go .On the way up I catch a glimpse of Nash talking to Hayes.He looks for a second but then turn away like if he's avoiding me.Well that's a good thing.I guess?

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