What He Left Behind.

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Ohkay well I don't really know if the title goes good with this story but if i figure out something better than I'll change it. So I'll work on that. :D And another thing, I really just write for fun, so I really don't take my stories seriously. But yea, enjoy I guess.


I took my helmet off and set it down on my Yamaha R6. I looked around to see if anyone else was here. I was alone. I grabbed the flowers from my secret compartment under my seat. I headed down the familiar path and counted the trees; 1, 2, 3, 4, then I turned left. I then counted 11 slots then reached my destination.

Gabrielle Santiago

1970 - 2008

Beloved Father, Son, Husband, Friend.

"Hey dad." I whispered.

This was my weekly routine. I came to the Cemetery every Wednesday. Why Wednesday? Because it was mine and my fathers 'hang out' day. I smiled as I remembered the conversation me and my dad had almost four years ago.


"Mia, Do you like Wednesdays?" He asked as he opened the lid of his car. I walked over and handed him a rag.

"Uhm, not really. Why?" I had replied.

"Well no one really does. I don't." He said smiling at me.

Why?" I asked again looking up into his comforting brown eyes.

"Well," He started as he bent down to sit on the creeper. "it marks the middle of the week and most people have used all there energy for the beginning of the week and are worn out by Wednesday." he replied. then he slid under the car.

"But you don't look worn out. Actually you look full of energy." I said to him through the engine. He did something with his wrench then slid back out.

"That's because I'm spending the most boring day of the week with the best daughter in the world. And for that reason, I love Wednesdays." He said giving me a smile and the wrench he just had in his hand.


My phone rang pulling me out of the past. I threw away the old flowers that I placed here last week and placed the new one down. I cleaned up the area around my fathers grave and sat down on the grass in front of it.

"I miss you dad. I"m turning 18 next week. I'm not gonna celebrate it cause we never did. But I will have a huge New Years party." I smiled as I spoke. I'm a New Years baby. I was born at 12:05, January 1st, 1993. My dad would always say we aren't celebrating my birthday, only New Years, with a wink. I would always go along with it. It was one of our inside jokes.

One of many. My mother hated that. I never had a normal relationship with her. She envied the fact that me and my older brother, Nick, would always go to our father for everything. She was always our second resort. My father tried to get us to talk to our mom more but it never worked. after a while he even gave up. And after that there love faded. They never got a divorce but they were never seen together. My dad would try but my mom always gave him the cold shoulder. He even told me and my brother that the only reason he hasn't gotten a divorce yet was because he didn't want to leave us.

My mom didn't' care, she went on and started cheating on my dad. Of course we didn't find out until about a month after my fathers funeral when she announced that she was marrying this new guy, the Mayer to be exact, named Richard. He was loaded and that was all my mother cared about, even if she says she's in love. Because I was 15 and Nick was 13, we were forced to move in with the rest of the family. Which consisted of a snotty little girl, now she's 13 and a cocky spoiled now 9 year old boy.

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