Annabeth cried and cried when she heard that Val and Piper had been kidnapped by the monster syndicate. Percy, a good husband, found it hard to leave her alone. Annabeth went back to their cabin apartment, where Percy found her laying face-down on the bed, crying, her face buried in the comforter. Percy sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her shaking back. "Annabeth, sweetie," he began to comfort her. "It's okay. They'll be okay. We'll find them. You'll see." Annabeth turned around, her cheeks puffy, red and tear-stained. Percy put his arm around her shoulders.

       "Val is like my daughter. I see my own personality in her eyes. She's beautiful, young, smart... she, she's got her whole life ahead of her. I hoped she would one day find a guy like you..." She looked down and closed her eyes, shedding more tears. "Now- now she'll never know what it's like to live a life. And Piper- well, Jason's devastated, and Allyson is never going to know her mom." Percy ruffled her blonde hair and kissed her head.

       "Then we'd better change that, huh?" Annabeth looked at him, confused. Percy stood up and slipped Riptide into his pocket and started filling a backpack with snacks and camping and battle supplies. Annabeth smiled.  Percy knew that she knew. She got up and zipped on a gray jacket that looked so hot with her stormy gray eyes. Percy changed too. He pulled on a white spandex muscle shirt (Annabeth always said that was her favorite) and zipped up a semi-tight, sea-blue jacket. He slung the backpack over his shoulder, Annabeth grabbed her dagger and backpack, and followed Percy out the door.

      At first, Chiron was hesitant to let them go alone. He didn't win the argument, until Jason stepped in and demanded to tag along to help look for his wife. Allyson was put under the care of the Aphrodite cabin (despite a reluctant Jason) and he left with Percy and Annabeth. They met with Chiron to get a statement on where they left to. The group sat on the leather seats in the Big House. Chiron stroked the beard stubble on his chin. "I saw them leave with the girls through the Sound." Jason nodded.

       "Like, off the dock?" He asked. Chiron shook his head.

       "No, they actually left through the surface of the water. Like, with some hippocampi." Percy bit his lip and jumped up.

        "Honey, erm, and Jason," he started. Annabeth would normally giggle at this point, by the way. "I know just where to go."


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