12 ;; meeting the trio

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- don't you think he'd just be his normal self?

- i mean, max is a bitch. he probably wouldn't even talk to you at first

- he'd be in his seat just angrily thinking about how his parents threw him in here 

- but if you were to come up and talk to him, he'd shut you down quickly

- "Hi, I'm Y/N."

- "Okay, cool."

- doubt he'd want to be talking to people when he was forced to come here against his will tbh

- but you did have another chance to talk to him, in a grroooouuup project!

- aka an easy way to make people get to know eachother

- David spoke up, saying "okay! nurf with dolph, nerris with nikki, max with y/n, preston with neil, and spacekid, preston, and harrison can be a three way group!"

- you expected max to just walk up to you, but he didn't even bother

- so you did!

- "oh, hi! i remember you!"

- he stared at you like you were weird, before remembering

- "oh, you're that weird bus person."

- that HURT

- ugfhjskj idk if i should go more into detail with this :') maybe I'll make it into a oneshot!


- she bumped into you, it was more like a tackle.

- she was chasing after a squirrel, but you were trying to get to the mess hall and then

- bump?? idk how to make a crash noise HAHAHA

- she apologized pretty quickly, helping you up and also brushing the dirt off of herself

- "oh, i've never seen you before. i'm nikki!"

- "uh, hi! i'm y/n!"

- "that's ni- HOLY SHIT IT'S HIM"

- it was king squirrel..

- she didn't stay for long, she ran off after that tiny shit


- this is probably going to be the most basic one HAHAHA

- neil is so SO confused and lost like 60% of the time

- so, you seemed approachable.

- "is this science camp?" he said

- "uh.. i have no clue."

- "what did you sign up for?"

- "___ camp"

- "god fucking damn it."

- after some awkward time, neil spoke up again

- "oh, my name is neil."

- "nice

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