Chapter 1

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Hey. This book came out in 2015. There are plenty mistakes, plot holes, and confusion, so please be nice. I wrote this when I was really young and now I'm older but I'm out of the Hetalia fandom and I don't do fanfictions anymore. Sorry. Enjoy what I have though, nonetheless.

"Why is Veneziano running late? Potato, did you do something?" Romano questioned, glaring at Germany.

"He said that he was going to make pasta for after the meeting." Germany replied and Romano just sighed.

"Well, dudes, I'll fill Italy on this later but I wanted to tell you about like, a holiday we have." America said, smiling as usual.

"What holiday? It better not be anything rubbish." England said and America just ignored him.

"It's called April Fools Day!" America exclaimed, grinning.

"Oh that." Germany said, rolling his eyes.

"I don't find that holiday fun at all..." England said, putting his tea cup down. "I find it quite ridiculous."

"For the first time, I agree with England..." France shuddered at the thought of agreeing with England. "But doing it on other people is funny..."

"It totally is." America persisted. "I want to do it to someone besides my citizens, but since I told it to everyone here... It's a waste."

"But there's one who doesn't really know about it." Russia said, crossing his arms.

"You're not going to say you want to do it to him..." Spain trailed off...

"He's always in the center of attention when it comes to almost everyone. What if you take it away from him?" Russia suggested.

"Well he is the only nation that hasn't heard about it." Switzerland said out loud.

"Big brother, I don't know if you should..." Liechtenstein mumbled.

"You can't be seriously considering it..." Germany said, sighing. This wasn't going to end well.

"Hold on a fucking-" Romano tried to say.

"Well then, it's settled, no objections, we'll ignore Italy for the day!" America cheered exactly when Italy came into the room, smiling.

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