Chapter 19

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She felt a heated wave of embarrassment  as his eyes slowly roamed her body. Mesmerized by this new finding, he gently glided the back of his finger down the side of her stomach to another newly found treasure.  Her eyes followed his fingers and she noticed where it stopped. His eyes looked into hers.

"And what is this?" he asked gently.

She stared up at him and she was transfixed on his now hungry gaze.

"Its called a tattoo," she softly whispered.

He gently traced the beautiful marking, lowering slowly the waistband to her panty he saw it completely. It was a heart.

His finger lingered over it, traced it and he felt her shiver.

His curiosity  by this time was surely piqued. And he wanted to know and see more. His heart sputtered in his chest as his eyes roamed over her body again.

He stepped closer and asked. "Do you have any more of these....tat..toos," his hungry gaze lowered to her lips then slowly rose to her eyes.

He had her senses tingling and her heart in a race that it felt like it wanted to climb out of her chest. She shyly nodded yes and bit her lip and that completely undid him.

She turned her back to him and he watched in awe as she softly lifted her hand and gathered her long hair away from her back and moved it to drape over her right shoulder infront of her.
His eyes were fixed on her left shoulder blade. It took him very little time to recover from the surprise as he touched it softly as well.
She closed her eyes and shivered when his fingertips traced it.
He mused over the colorful markings of a praying hand holding a rosary. All set upon a rose with letters in elegant script beneath it...Nancy...

Such a find and experience  had him wanting more as his eyes slowly lowered down to her nicely shaped rump and his groin twitched. She trembled nervously as he came closer and the full length of his body touched the length of her back. His hands gently rested on her waist and pulled her closer pressing his now growing erection to her rump.

He buried his face in her hair and inhaled slowly the scent it was sweet, floral and the texture was so soft. She had him spinning out of control.
His lips slowly lowered to her ear. Her eyes closed and her head leaned against his shoulder at the euphoric feeling coursing through her with him this close. She fought with it, the odd feeling between her thighs and she gasped as he spoke. The warmth of his breath near her neck. Her nipples tightened as she felt his lips glide over her neck and her breathing increased.

He swallowed hard and tried to control himself.

"Do you have any more lass" he murmured  softly near her neck before he kissed it.

She felt radiant heat run over her as his warm hands glided over the bare skin and turned her to face him.
Now he looked into her eyes and his heart lurched at how  she looked flushed with a look in her eyes that had his blood humming in his veins down to his manhood. It was evident she has never been touched.

Shyly she looked down and raised her wrists to him palms up.
Her dewy eyes looked up into his and he noticed a change in her stare.
He lowered his eyes to the markings and held her wrists in his hands. He glided his thumps over them and heard her voice whisper.

"They are Chinese symbols for Love and Hope"
As if seeing her for the first time, something felt different. He wanted her with the simple urgency as his lungs needed air. He wanted her hot, soft and trembling beneath him with desire.

She saw the heat in his glare begin to form. She shuttered and gasped as he pulled her tight against him and claimed her lips  in a kiss that had both of their bodies spiraling into a violent arousal.

She melted against him, her mouth sweet had softly opened  for his possessive kiss. Their tongues touched and he sucked hers, it sent a shiver up her spine of his provocative play. She clung to him in his strong hold, his warm hands passed over her bare skin and she moaned sweetly against his lips. He continued to taste and feast with his kiss and a primitive triumph surged through him. He wanted her desperately .

He broke their kiss and leaned his forehead to hers. Their breaths mingled she could feel his chest rise and fall pressed against hers. 
Tightly they closed their eyes pushing away their sexual urges.

"I can not hold you at bay any longer," he whispered in agony under his breath .

"I want to know more," his voice rumbled tight with desperstion.

Her eyes trailed from his lips to his face to look into his eyes.

She swallowed hard and shyly looked away.

"There really isn't that much to know about me" she said softly.

" You're an enigma. I want to unravel all of your secrets." He whispered near her lips.

He took her lips in his again and deepened the kiss then pulled away again to look into her eyes. His eyes searched hers and his hand caressed her cheek then grazed her neck softly. Her pulse thumped heavily near his thumb as his fingers dove into her hair and cradled her head, he lowered his head and kissed her neck hungrily and grazed her ear with his lips.

Her breathing increased with his touch. Her knees wanted to fold but he held her tight and continued driving her over the edge until she gasped and whimpered  softly in his hold. 

All sense of control was starting to elude him, and by damn he wanted to toss it all to the wind and take her right there on the floor. Touch the lushness  of her skin, cradle his hip between her thighs and feel her writhe with ecstacy.

He raised his head to look into her eyes again. Her cheeks were red, she was fully flushed, winded and severely aroused.

"I fear if I don't leave this room right now lass, I won't be accountable  for my actions and I will be unraveling  those secrets soon," Breathlessly he whispered.

Yes, unravel away !!! She licked her lips.

Before she could say anything. Make a wrecklessly life changing decision out of arousal. Someone knocked at the door. He cursed under breath . And she quickly turned to pull back on her dress and moved away from him, out of his reach. Out of his touch.

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