Suzume's POV

   Luckily some kid who looks like he's still in ninja school explained what the chunin exams were to the blond kid, so that saved our breath.

   When we were about to head off to the examination building to hand in our forms, Duck-Butt decided to talk-

   "Hey you! Identify yourself!"

   Temari immediately turned around, her flirtatious, attention-seeking self batting her eyelashes at Duck-Butt.

   "Not you! The one with the red hair."

   Gaara and I both turned around.

   Duck-Butt rolled his eyes. "The one with the gourd!" He said, obviously annoyed. Geez, he has a shorter fuse than Gaara! Gaara took a step towards him.

   "I am Gaara. I'm interested about you, too." Gaara glared at Duck- Butt.

   "I am Sasuke Uchiha. For a few awkward seconds everone just stood there, Gaara and Sasuke Uchiha staring each other down. We turned away at that, and continued on to the building.

* * *

   When we went to the place to hand in our forms, I noticed the two guys had used a genjutsu, and this was the second floor. I told Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara, and they told me to wait and see if anyone else noticed. Sure enough, Duck-Bu... er... Sasuke noticed. Then some kid with a rediculous haircut interrupted and challenged Sasuke to a fight, after confessing his love for the pink haired chick, whose name is apparently Sakura.

   This place is a freak show!


   On our way to the waiting room, we saw the three of them talking with some guy with silver spiky hair, his headband covering his left eye, and a mask covering the lower portion of his face. Probably their sensei. Shortly after we got into the waiting room, they came in as well. I decided to try to talk to them. Temari was still staring at Sasuke, and Gaara and Kankuro remained silent.

  "So, tell me about yourselves," I tried to start a conversation.

   The hyperactive blond kid started talking (more like yelling). "My name is Naruto Uzumaki!!! I'm going to become Hokage someday!!!"

   I motioned towards Sasuke, who was standing in the corner. "I know you are Du- er... Sasuke." Sasuke snorted, barely agknowledging my presence. Then I turned to Sakura.

   "Sakura, right?" I asked.

   Yep! She replied with a smile. "There is supposed to be one more member on our squad, but she decided to take the first round privately, for no known reason. Her name is Hikari."

   We both noticed that Naruto and Sasuke got distracted by this one guy from the Village Hidden in the Sound, the newest village. I don't trust him.

   "It's time!" Someone said. The doors opened, and we entered the room for the first round, which is...

   A written test?

* * *




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