You Have To Tell Me These Things.

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Juliet, Three Days Later

"Why didn't you tell us?" my brother asked.

"Because. I thought it was just a bad headache. I didn't think it was anything other than that."

"Jewels, you know you have to tell us these things. You're always going to think it's something smaller than it is."

"And you're always going to think it's worse than it is."

"Touché, but still. You're about to have a major surgery. Do you expect us not to worry or something?"

"I expect Harry and the others to worry. I expect you to have a mental breakdown."

He looked at me funny. "You always make fun of these situations."

"Because I'm the one that actually has the cancer, Niall. No one can really understand a certain situation unless they've been through it themselves. Obviously, I want to be okay to parent my kids and see them grow up, but I know the survival rates of these surgeries. Most aren't good, but we're here in one of the most technogically advanced centers, with some of the best doctors. I think we'll be okay."

He took my hand, and layed his head down on the side of my bed. He mumbled something, but I couldn't hear anything.

"Niall. Quit grumbling."

"I'm sorry. I'm just having that breakdown you're expecting." he laughed lightly.

"You need to relax."

"I'll relax once you're out of surgery and awake. And going home."

"Okay, I can go with you on that." I laughed. I'll be honest. I'm scared; who wouldn't be? But seriously. Have you not noticed our luck yet?

Some nurses walked in, stopping after getting in the curtain.

"You ready, Juliet?" one asked.

"Yeah. Let's go." I looked at my brother. "See you in a few hours."


Her bed was wheeled out into an operation room, where a large tumor would be removed from her brain. Luckily, it was the only one they found on any scans.

But it was large. Very....large.

Even after, she'll have to do some treatment. Make sure any cells that may be forming get killed off.

"I think we'll be okay." She said it smiling. Maybe she knew that it would be okay. Or maybe she wanted to make me think it would be okay. I don't know. One of the nurses led me into a waiting room. I sank into my chair, to wait out her surgery.

6 Hours Later

"Horan?" I heard. I looked up form my phone and say a doctor in fresh clothes. Maybe it was the surgeon who operated on my sister.

"Yeah." I said, standing up.

"Dr. Moro. I operated on your sister."

"And? How'd it go?"

"She's fine. A fighter. We removed all of the tumor, but it will take a long time for her cranium to heal, and for her to wake up. That much anesthesia will take a while to wear off."

"But... she'll be fine? Like, normal life?"

"Yes. She'll have to have some chemo and radiation, but only for about a month. So about eight treatments."

"I figured. I'm just glad she's okay. Thank you."

He nodded and walked out. I got her room number from the receptionist and went in. She had a respirator, to keep her breathing until the anesthesia wore off. Bruising was already evident, and swelling had started, too. Honestly, she looked horrible.

I decided to have  small bed brought into the room, so I could be here when she woke up.

I have no idea when I fell asleep, but it was 3 AM when I got woken up by rapid beeping. I shot up and got the first nurse I found to come in. turns out, Jewels was wking up, and needed the tubes to her lungs taken out. The nurse told her to use the oxygen mask, and put an IV in with morphin to help curb the pain.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her. She took a few beathes from the oxygen mask.

"Sore. It hurts." and put the mask back on.

"Well, the doc said you'll have to do two treatments a week for four weeks to make sure any other cells are killed.And you'll probably be locked up in here for a few weeks anyways, to make sure you don't strain yourself."

"Me? Strain myself? Noo."

"Ha. Still joking around. But I'm serious. You'll be in here for a few weeks. Anyways. Now that I know you're awake and fine. I'm gonna head home. Is that okay?"

"Yeah. Go. I'm sure you'll get called with any update."

"Alright. Maybe Harry will come with me later today, it's about 3:15 in the morning. Get some sleep. I'll see you soon."

She gave me a thumbs up and I went home.

No one was awake, but I didn't exactly make a lot of noise. I unlocked the door, walked in, locked it again and went to bed. I woke up again somewhere around 11. I took a shower, put fresh clothes on and ate something. I gave the boys and kids the update on Juliet, and Harry and I were at the hospital  again.

When we walked in, she was awake and watching some TV...quietly. When she saw us come in, she smiled weakly. "Hey, guys." she said quietly.

"Hey. How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Uhm. I can breathe by myself." she joked.

"That is an improvement." I smiled.

She looked to Harry. "Hey."


"You can come close."

Harry was nervous. He didn't want to do anything accidentally to hurt her.


I walked up to her, sitting in a chair at her side. I put my hand on top of hers.

"Looks like I'll be in here for a few weeks."

"Kids miss you. So does that pitbull of yours."


"Didn't know you named her. But she almost didn't let us near you when we got home. She must like you a lot."

"I gave her a second chance. I'd hope she would like me."

"Is there anything you need here? One of your blankets or your stuffed animal?"

"My stuffed animal would be nice." It was a small golden retriever stuffed animal that Juliets' biological mom had given her for her second birthday, right before her mum died.

"Alright. We can do that. We can bring by later, after our recording session. That okay?"

"Definitely." she said, smiling.

Having her out of the house for a few weeks is going to be hard, but...

At least she's okay.


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This is chapter number 55! So I am estimating about....5 more chapters, yeah? Just about.



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