chapter 4 bryanstars

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-Kellin's POV-

So I love how happy both Tony and Delilah have been lately. Tony has always been a secretive person and always some what sad, but my sister always makes him happy and thats good. I've known for a while that they have feelings toward each other because I see in their eyes what everyone says me and Katelynne have in our eyes when we are with each other. I haven't said anything because I don't want to ruin their friend ship. They are as close as anyone could be, besides the fact they arn't together. When I saw Delilah with Austin then Tony around I know it broke his heart and I feel bad for him. I have to talk to Alan about all of this.

M- hey Alan I HAVE to talk to you like now its important.

A- alright kelly-poo

M- oh shut up Ally-poo haha well meet you outside your bus.

A- Alright

I put on some fresh clothes so I was out of the ones I slept in and I made my way to see Alan. I got there first soon I saw the ginger standing in front of me.

"Hey bro whats up?" Alan asked.

"So I want to talk to you about Delilah and Austin. I know I have no right saying this but I want her and Tony together she loves him she just hasn't realized it yet shes in denile." I said quickly.

"I agree Austin likes her but I can see she loves Tony not Austin. We are on tour for the next year and shes with Tony more and I think Tonys better for her." Alan said quickly.

"I agree, so how do you want to tell them." i said softly.

"I don't want us to seem like dicks about how we do this but i'm going to talk to Delilah first maybe she will chose Tony over Austin." Alan said as we started to walk towards the bus.

-Austin's POV-

M- Hey there delilah :P you want to hang out?

D- Yeah sure come by the bus in 10 I will be out side.

I smiled I really like her but I know she likes Tony but maybe she likes me more. About 10 minutes later I made my way out of my bus and headed for the Sleeping with Sirens bus. When I got there I found Tony and Delilah sitting out side the bus laughing.

"Hey Austin is it alright if Tony comes with us he ended up falling asleep watching Starwars and he never went back to his bus." Delilah said as they stood up.

Great they spent the night together they probably had sex or something. Perfect my chances went down.

"Hey Austin wheres the ginger princess?" Delilah asked.

"To be honest I don't know him and Kellin are together this morning." I responded as I looked over and Tony had his arm around her shoulders.

"So are you guys a couple or what?" I asked feeling a bit scared to hear the answer.

"Nah just best friends." Tony said with a smile and kissed her forehead. I feel that there is something else going on between them. To be honest I don't really want to be here anymore so I have to figure a way to get away.

-Tonys POV-

So this morning I woke up with Delilah in my arms fast asleep. I just laid there with her in my arms treasuring this morning. I heard the front door open and then close. It woke up Delilah.

"Morning Panda." I said with a smile. She looked up at me and smiled she cuddled even closer into my body.

"I don't want to get up. I ate all the pancakes." she said into my chest.

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