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Logan's POV
Waking up the first morning back at our Cabin I became immediately aware that my little Luna was not in the bed... a rush of nausea and distress flooded across our bond and I heard movement from the bathroom. Instantly concerned I rolled out of bed and ran to the bathroom, flinging the bathroom door open. I felt panic in my gut, something was wrong with my sweet girl.

Entering the bathroom my eyes fell on her small form sitting on the floor beside the WC...

"No... Ugh... Logan... you don't need to see th-this..." she broke off to turn and vomit violently into the toilet. I immediately ran to her, linking Mel as I did, before pulling her long, beautiful blonde hair away from her face and rubbing her back.

"I'm sick..." she moaned.

"No, my love, you are pregnant... I have linked Mel..."

She looked pale and I worried with what her body had been through recently that this might be more than just pregnancy sickness... I had heard about Adele's sickness in the early stages of her pregnancies from Austin, she had had a difficult enough time for some weeks by all accounts.

I heard the front door open and sensed Mel's scent, "We're in here Mel!" I shouted and Leoni vomited again loudly. I continued rubbing her back as Mel entered the room, concern etched across her face. Strangely though, at the sight of her Luna being sick her expression seemed to shift to one of relief.

I looked at her questioningly, and she spoke in her usual methodical manner, "Alpha, this is classic morning sickness for this stage in a she-wolf pregnancy. It shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks..."

At this point Leoni groaned in distress and I looked to her with anxiety.

Still looking intently at my suffering mate, I raised the only question I could think of, "What can I do??"

"Keep her fluids up, small but regular meals, plain tasting food if she can tolerate it better... some women find ginger biscuits will settle their stomachs at this time. Alpha pup pregnancies tend to bring on the more severe type of nausea but it will normally pass before the first month is out."

Leoni seemed to have finished being sick now and was sitting up looking very sorry for herself.

"Can I please have my toothbrush Logan?" She asked weakly. She was pale and clammy looking - and very unlike her usual self.

I got up and reached for the toothbrush, applied water and some toothpaste and passed it to my darling mate. I watched as she brushed her teeth slowly before clambering up to spit in the sink. I moved to support her as she stood.

"Come and lie down, my love," I said softly, guiding her back to bed and tucking her in. She closed her eyes and curled into a ball, giving a small groan of discomfort.

I walked Mel out of the Cabin and thanked her for coming so quickly.

The rest of the day was spent offering my wife bite sized pieces of breads and fruit, some of which she ate and most of which didn't get vomited back up thankfully. During the next week or so I continued with this and let my Father and Austin continue to run things with regular briefings while Leoni slept.

Around 10 days later I awoke to see that my mate was already in the shower and I could hear her singing a show tune happily as she washed herself. My heart leapt, it was a relief to not be woken to my sweet love rushing to the bathroom with overbearing nausea.

I went in and blew her a kiss through the shower door, she beamed back at me and drew a heart on the misted glass. She was getting out of the shower as I cleaned my teeth but at the sight of her gorgeous naked form in the mirror my oral hygiene regime was put on pause...

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