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Aahnik Mere ghar chalna aaj, kal mere papa ke dost aayenge hum teeno maze karenge, spoke Aadia excitedly.

Aayenge kal toh main aaj kyun aaun buddhu, Aahnik said laughing and she pouted.

Acha baba sorry, bas ab rona mat Aahnik said horrified because if she started crying no one could stop her.

Apne aap ko dekh kaisa lag raha hai, darpok, she said clapping her little hands.

Tu ruk ab, said Aahnik getting down from bed and Aadia shrieked out.

Dadda, Nahi mat kar Aahnik, Dadda she said laughing while running.

Ok guys enough now, who wants these cupcakes Sanchi shouted from kitchen and they both came running outside with their hands connected.

Choco flavour wale, they both asked simultaneously and Sanchi nodded smiling.

Aadia bacha ghar jaana hai kya aapko, Sanchi asked sensing it's quite late and Shehnaaz hasn't returned.

Nhi.... Abhi ..... Sanu....... Aadia was struggling speaking while eating so Sanchi asked her to finish it first.

Haan toh, Nhi abhi Sanu nhi aai toh Dadda bhi nhi aaye honge na, toh main yahin ruk jaati hoon ghar par bor hoga she completed with a pout.

Tu cute hai, Aahnik said Pulling one of her piggy tails and she shrieked .

Aahahhh.... Chod Darpok.... Aahhh....

Main darkop nhi tu buddhu, He said leaving her hairs and running around with her chasing behind.

Tom and Jerry hai ye pure, murmured Sanchi while calling Shehnaaz.


We both were still in the same place, my head on his chest and his arms secured around my Waist, this should not be the safest place for me but yet it is, I forget all the worries when he is around.
He was absentmindedly played with my hairs not that I mind because maybe this affection was what I was craving for in my life, wrong yet right I don't know what place do I have in his life but .....

My chain of thoughts broke when I heard Sooraj Dooba hai Yaaro ringing and immediately cursed Sanchi for choosing such songs for her number in my mobile, and that too it wrings in all the awkward situations.

Hmm, He said nuzzling in my hairs.


Call.... Chodo.....
Oh haa Sorry he whispered and I smiled how sometimes he just acts as a kid, a lost kid actually who needs affection and care just like me .

Haan Sanchi, I said picking up the call.

Where the hell are you dude? Your timings are till 5 I guess but today was your half day, so technically you should have been here by 2 but it's 8 already and there are no traces of you, she screamed.

Sanchi, I sighed.

What do you even realise Aahnik and Aadia have been constantly asking about you, what should I say, she continued.

Aadia is she still there, quite late it has become Sanchi, dinner kiya kya bacho ne, I asked tensed all of a sudden as I realized it took a lot of time for us to clear this mess that we missed the track of time.
I looked at Sidharth from the corner of my eyes and found him smiling at me.

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