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Hey peeps I'm Fola I'm in year 11 and this is my twin Rebecca here is a story of how a ordinary church girls whose mum tirelessly thinks she has met her soulmate what do you think is going to happen

Today was an extremely hot day me and my mum were at home eating ice cream and watching a nice film called good deeds (i recommend you go and watch this movie) 'RING,RING' my mum got a phone call saying she needs to come to the hospital ASAP to help. "OMG must you always go to work even on you day off I don't like it KMT". " well young lady there is nothing i can do if you know you want to got to college i have to go to work plus DJ your stepdad is on his way and you guys get along because you both like football and their is a game on tonight ,But mum ... (Ashely) today was supposed to be our day mother daughter day , rebecca would have been here two but she had a recording because lately it been 'stay at home by yourself 'all month .

Well I'm sorry babe life ain't fair here's my card get yourselves some think nice .

the door bell rang

As I approached the door I heard muttering I felt my stomach sink I sighed as I opened the door he face lit up he look so attractive I smiled I felt the butterflies in my stomach creep up to into neck , I took a big gulp my mouth started to go dry he had this fresh shape up, he wore white airforces , white super-dry top , light blue jeans and a snap back , there was two of them I thought I was seeing double . the other one wore jeans , red checked shirt with red and back Jordan's .

"Hi I'm David and this is my twin Daniel We've just moved in next door." My mouth was dry I was so embarrassed . I was in shorts and a vest top with a green face mask on (I was trying to cure my oily t zone and clean my pore by the way I get my mask from Asda ). He chuckled "I guess this is a bad time " I laughed "no its ok I'm Fola by the way I also have a twin her name is Rebecca ." "Oh well that's cool we were thinking if you cold show us around town ... I mean Peckham" "I'd love to ybut you might have to come back in an hour or so " "oh alright see you late b" David winked as he left his brother waved he seemed anxious

OMG my God oh I thank you I started to dance and sing "it is raining all around me I can feel it ......" I was stomach was twisting and turning I could feel my organs bouncing off the walls of my body I went red and started to get hot I realised I

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