So before I start you need to know that in this story Sirius escapes a few years before the tirth movie/book . And right now she's seven and Harry potter would be like eight years?

I'll do a time change soon that she'll go to hogwarts and Harry's in second year .

Here you go

Year: 1989

James pov.

'So you didn't kill James and lilly?' I asked ,hugging the blanket .

It was around midnight and we've been talking for almost 12 hours.

He told me how my dad looked like and why he didn't came home that night . He's a werewolf .

Not that I mind that he is ,but its fascinating to know how he lives without being caught! I

'No But Peter did he sold them out to voldemort'

He told me so much about the wizard world , like Hogwarts school for wizards and witches . He also told me about his grandson Harry Potter "the boy who lived" . I saw a picture of him when he was a baby but he hasn't seen him since then.

He also told me about Tom Riddle or how he's named now , Lord Voldemort. He has killed many people included my mom.

The tears came back to my eyes as I thought about my mom .

'Am I named after James potter ?' I asked.


'Yes , yes you are . It was you're mothers idea , she and James were best friends and she wanted to name her first child after him. Boy or not.'

I nodded my head. 'If prongs and Peter could change into animals , so could you...right??'

He looked a bit unsure but nodded . 'Yes I'm a dog..a black dog ,but most of wizards say that I look like a grim.'

'Can you show me?'

'Alright ' he stood up and slowly changed into a dog . The dog seemed familiar , two blue eyes . I forced my brain to work for a moment and look back in time to the memory of yesterday night .

Yellow eyes .

But i swear that I saw a pair of blue eyes to . But I didn't really focused on that.4

'You're the same dog! The same dog with that wolf ! Yesterday night in the woods!omg...that was my dad wasn't it!!' I yelled . By now he was standing looking guilty and sad.

'Yes I was that dog and the werewolf was you're fater . I thought he would believe me! I thought he would've helped me! '

'W-what do you mean?'

'I broke out of askanban a few weeks ago , and I thought that you're father would believe me! So I spent weeks running towards this town and I knocked on his door . He opened and pulled me inside ....h-he thinks you're dead...he thinks I killed you ! An James and Lilly and those muggles!

I can't believe he thinks that I really killed my own friends! Or all those poor humans!' A tear rolled down his cheek as he sat back on the seat .

'What did you say? When he said that you killed me?'


'What did you say?!'

'Nothing , I didn't say a word to him , I just listened to his rant , but before I could get away the full moon was there. He changed and I thought if I helped him through this he would listen to me . But even In his werewolf form he knew that he had to keep me away from him. I chased him but he was too quick and then it happened he attacked me. I thought it would be a good idea to run away but that is where you come into the story . He recognised you're smell as a pack member of his, just like I was , just like prongs and wormtaill. '