So before I start you need to know that in this story Sirius escapes a few years before the tirth movie/book . And right now she's seven and Harry potter would be like eight years?

I'll do a time change soon that she'll go to hogwarts and Harry's in second year .

Here you go

Year: 1989

James pov.

'So you didn't kill James and lilly?' I asked ,hugging the blanket .

It was around midnight and we've been talking for almost 12 hours.

He told me how my dad looked like and why he didn't came home that night . He's a werewolf .

Not that I mind that he is ,but its fascinating to know how he lives without being caught! I

'No But Peter did he sold them out to voldemort'

He told me so much about the wizard world , like Hogwarts school for wizards and witches . He also told me about his grandson Harry Potter "the boy who lived" . I saw a picture of him when he was a baby but he hasn't seen him since then.

He also told me about Tom Riddle or how he's named now , Lord Voldemort. He has killed many people included my mom.

The tears came back to my eyes as I thought about my mom .

'Am I named after James potter ?' I asked.


'Yes , yes you are . It was you're mothers idea , she and James were best friends and she wanted to name her first child after him. Boy or not.'

I nodded my head. 'If prongs and Peter could change into animals , so could you...right??'

He looked a bit unsure but nodded . 'Yes I'm a dog..a black dog ,but most of wizards say that I look like a grim.'

'Can you show me?'

'Alright ' he stood up and slowly changed into a dog . The dog seemed familiar , two blue eyes . I forced my brain to work for a moment and look back in time to the memory of yesterday night .

Yellow eyes .

But i swear that I saw a pair of blue eyes to . But I didn't really focused on that.4

'You're the same dog! The same dog with that wolf ! Yesterday night in the woods!omg...that was my dad wasn't it!!' I yelled . By now he was standing looking guilty and sad.

'Yes I was that dog and the werewolf was you're fater . I thought he would believe me! I thought he would've helped me! '

'W-what do you mean?'

'I broke out of askanban a few weeks ago , and I thought that you're father would believe me! So I spent weeks running towards this town and I knocked on his door . He opened and pulled me inside ....h-he thinks you're dead...he thinks I killed you ! An James and Lilly and those muggles!

I can't believe he thinks that I really killed my own friends! Or all those poor humans!' A tear rolled down his cheek as he sat back on the seat .

'What did you say? When he said that you killed me?'


'What did you say?!'

'Nothing , I didn't say a word to him , I just listened to his rant , but before I could get away the full moon was there. He changed and I thought if I helped him through this he would listen to me . But even In his werewolf form he knew that he had to keep me away from him. I chased him but he was too quick and then it happened he attacked me. I thought it would be a good idea to run away but that is where you come into the story . He recognised you're smell as a pack member of his, just like I was , just like prongs and wormtaill. '

'So he lost track of me because he didn't search for me he just went with it . And then I saw you. And took you with me.'

'So my own father doesn't know I'm still alive?'

'I don't really know of he knows...'

'It doesn't matter anyway he didn't let you talk ,if he had then he would know. I'm sorry for you Siri . I can't believe you're best friend didn't let you explain or even say something!'

My tears were streaming down my cheeks as I thought about my dad . He may be my dad but even I would let my friends explain why they took my candy!

'It's alright though , I'm used to be ignored'

A few hours later I laid in bed in a guest room . Sirius let-ted kreacher clean the room for me so now it was clean and pretty .

I can't sleep thinking about why my dad wouldn't give him a chance?

My eyes drifted close after I found the answer

I think he wouldn't give him a chance because..he thinks that

Sirius killed me .

So to him I'm practically dead.




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