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Natalie walked into the hospital. Her pace fast as she held her car keys tightly. She was in a hurry that morning. It was supposed to be her day off because Amber was finally visiting her. But she got called in for one of her patients the moment she picked Amber up from her airport.

She felt eyes on her as she walked through the lobby and towards the elevator. People were not used to seeing her all dressed up. She had go all the way, wearing a loose and flowing feminine, blue maxi-dress, with her black leather jacket on top of that and a pair of ankle height boots. Her hair was falling down her back in her natural waves. The whole look was completed with the blush on her cheeks, the blue and white eye shadows that made her eyes look bluer than before and a pinkish shade of lipstick. 

No one in the hospital had seen her like this before. And maybe she looked a little too much to go for brunch with her daughter. But she hadn't seen her in a month and she wanted to go all the way. 

And then again she was a natural beautiful woman, but without her scrubs more eyes were on her. But she held her head high, and continued her way. Not effected by anyone's looks. She felt good about herself and that's all she needed. 

Until the residents, Cristina, Meredith and Izzie, almost fell on her, as they were rushing towards the ER. 

"Hey, watch it!" Natalie yelled at the three female residents. There had been a contest going on the last week. Natalie made a face at the bad smell that came off them.

"Sorry Dr. Turner." Izzie called out as they continued running down the hall. "You're looking good by the way, love the dress."

"Can't say the same about you." Natalie muttered, knowing that they had probably been wearing the same scrubs for the last week. "Yang, you're supposed to be doing my post-ops." She called out.

"Already done Dr. Turner. Thank you for the opportunity." Cristina replied at the doctor before disappearing with her three competitors. Natalie had been trying to let Cristina work on her service most of the time. It was going well so far and Natalie had missed being a teacher. But she had so much to deal with that she didn't feel that she was doing well. And Cristina had continued sucking up on Hahn, thinking that Natalie would never forgive her for what she did with Burke when she had first came.

Natalie continued her way in the elevator, until she reached the nurse's station on the fifth floor. "Good morning." one of the nurse's, Rose, told Natalie. Natalie hated that she only found out the nurse's name when she started dating Derek. She knew her face at least, but she was never great at remembering names.

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