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11 - breathtaking

" hey ! you came. " a taller woman said, eyes widened, smile reaching her eyes.

" why would i not come ? " you asked, smiling and the goofy look of the girl in front of you, she looked surprised but also really excited, it was so cute.

" oh, uh, i don't know. " sooyoung said, words getting lost half way through her sentence, all her focus turned onto you, making your face heat up.

" something wrong ? " the older woman asked, tilting her head a tad yet still keeping focus on you, analyzing all your features.

" uh no, nothings wrong. " you said, trying to convince her and yourself the words were true, it seemed to work.

" mm, okay. you're hungry right ? " sooyoung asked, beaming into your direction, smile wide on her face.

" yeah ! " you smiled back, locking your eyes with the taller girl.

" yknow what else you are ? " sooyoung giggled, taking your hands into hers, the sudden contact of sooyoung's soft skin on yours making you tremble. 

" what ? what am i ? " you asked, eyebrows furrowing up, getting even more confused when sooyoung started laughing more.

" you're breathtaking, y/n. " she said suddenly stopping all her giggling, looking you dead in the eyes for a split second before continuing, " what kinda food do you want? " 

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