the date

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Y/ns  pov:

It was now later at night when the sun was down and setting, staring off into the sunset sliding yout phone in your pocket

Cleos pov:

Cleo would see  familiar face, or head,  seeing the  figure looking into the sunset,  walking up to her, now out of her uniform in a  white tanktop and  some shorts "watching the sunset without me huh, stranger" cleo would joke

you skill turn around, a bit frightened by the voice, not noticing  the girl "oh hey you" she smiled, admiring the girl's eyes yet again, they were almost naturally hypnotizing

Cleos pov: she smiles, she locked eyes with yours,  it was almost like she saw a future with you,  like, she felt safe around you like if the world was ending she wouldn't want to be with anyone but you "wanna go to the shore, it isnt to far away, but if it's to far  you can hop on my back"

Your face would heat up and turn light pink at the offer, taking it into consideration, hopping on her back "Off and away!" You would chuckle,you also felt like you would be happy if cleo was the only person she had to share till the end of her life

Cleo: Cleo herself  would chuckle running to the shore, trying not to  bounce to much cause she didnt want to make you sick from the motion,  soon they would get to the shore, letting you off gently laying back looking at the sunset over the shore


You would lay back with her smiling, looking at the sunset, and wish time could freeze at this very moment  and cherish the time, getting lost daydreaming about a life with cleo

Cleo: you smiled turning in her side to look at y/n supporting her head with her arm "y,know I  wanna thank you, your the only person besides my friends I know that hasn't instantly walked away when I said  was a ex criminal, you were the only one who let me explain I was trying to help and change my ways, I really appreciate it"


You would smile hearing cleos kind words  "of course, I believe in second chances, if you don't mind me asking, where you willing or no"

Cleo: (tw: substance abuse talk)
"Well, it's complicated really,  I wanted to yes but I felt so wrong doing it, it came down to hard times and my father, as imperfect as he was I never wanted to disappoint,  I always wanted to please him, he and   my family of rats where the only real ones over known besides my friends j made from the task force, me and him would rob banks until I unfortunately lost him to a drug overdose, he was trying to help us get into a better life, we would've divided and save money up to keep, so I was willing somewhat

Y/n: you got lost in the girls story. You couldn't listen to her talk on end, feeling sympathetic for her "oh..I'm sorry to hear that, do you still  have   your other family?

Cleo: "oh the rat one, yeah they're still kicking, though out of them all knew is my favorite, and that's the one I always talk to, sebastian, see that's another reason I like you, everyone else finds my rat family weird, but you don't, she would smile

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