The Peace and Quiet

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There's nothing like a weekend on the boat with your best friend. A break from the kids. A break from the wives. A break from work. A break from stress. My best friend since childhood, Doug, and I go out at least twice a month but with the seasons changing and the summer running away from us we've gone out more this month. We decided to take his RV out to a campground that we both love about three and a half hours away, depending on who's driving. He's a speed demon and I am not. We took my fishing boat which isn't too big. It's just an aluminum boat that comfortably fits the two of us. My kids and wife don't like fishing. Well, soon-to-be ex-wife. I guess I haven't helped try and fix it. I kind of only married her and tried to make it work with her because she got pregnant while we were dating but we've made it this long. That and I've always kind of had a thing for my Douglas. 

Doug drove and we got groceries in town before heading off to the remote campground. 
"Hey, Wallace?" Doug asked and I realized that I've been staring at a box of No Name Noodle Meal? Off-brand KD? 
"Y-yeah?" I asked putting the box back on the shelf. 
"Are you okay?" He asked. 
"I'm good. Were you saying anything?" I asked. 
"I just asked if you wanted to stop for dinner here or get the KD," Doug said, probably repeating himself for probably the millionth time. 
"We could go to that fish and chip place," I suggested. 
"Oh I forgot about that place, alright well we can go there but let's get out of here unless there's anything else you want?" He asked. 
"For sure, for sure. You know what? I'm going to get some of the noodle meal," I said and we both chuckled. We got two boxes, went for an early dinner and then went to the spot. 

The only thing that we did was unhitch the boat and go to bed. We stayed at the restaurant for a while and we were just tired. The next morning, I was up before him. Which is normal. He's never been a morning person. I made coffee, grabbed a lawn chair and set it up outside. I went back inside, grabbed a jacket and made my coffee before going to sit outside and enjoy the peace. I've got three kids and my oldest daughter and my wife are always fighting about something. Maya has come out as bisexual recently and of course, I asked her if she had a girlfriend or boyfriend, she replied no so I said that she wasn't bisexual and that she was bi-herself and she thought it was funny, I thought it was funny but the Mrs didn't agree. She's also constantly making comments about her stance on The Gays and they aren't very nice. Maya's been staying at a friend's house and I don't blame her. I'm in the process of getting a place and hopefully, she'll be happier away from her mother. I heard the RV door open behind me and I took a sip of my coffee before turning around. 
"And that would be why I couldn't find my jacket. Didn't I tell you to pack one?" Doug teased and I looked down at the jacket that I was wearing. 
"Oh, I was wondering why it was so roomy," I laughed. 
"It's roomy because you're still a twig. But that's fine. What time were you thinking that you'd want to get on the water?" He asked. 
"After breakfast?" I suggested. 
"And what time do you want to have breakfast?" He asked. 
"Uh, why do you ask me questions. I don't know," I said and turned away from him and he laughed. 
"Okay and I don't know why I ask you questions. You've never been able to make a decision," He teased me. 
"I chose an apartment!" I defended myself. 
"When you were twenty and it took you three months," He said. 
"Well, you know what, I wanted to make sure it was the right one so shut up," I laughed and we went about our morning. He and I made breakfast around nine, then made sandwiches to take out with us and hopped into the boat and spent the majority of the day out there. Come the time that we had to go in and by that I mean I had to pee so we went back to shore, we had three fish that look good to eat. 

"Fried fish and rice?" Doug asked. 
"Yes!" I replied and went inside to pee then came out and helped him out. We got the boat back up on the trailer and the trailer out of the water and started to fillet the fish. When we finished, I sparked a conversation.
"So, uh, I know this is a sore topic for us both but how's your divorce going? I know that you said that it was messy," I asked as I slid the fish into the fridge for now. He sighed. 
"It is. Luckily we signed a prenup so she can't bankrupt me but she's out for blood," He laughed. 
"Which makes no sense because she's the one that well A, wanted it and B messed up," I replied. 
"Right! I don't understand this woman. She's the one that was like "oh let's have kids" "let's get married" blah blah but now she just wants to split. Like what was I to her? A bank?" He asked. 
"Apparently. I don't understand people who take advantage of others. Like that's not cool dudes," I replied. 
"Facts. How's yours?" He asked. 
"Well, looks like she and I are going to get 50/50 of the kids and since they're old enough they get to decide when they're where basically so if let's say Jordan wants to be at my house tonight, then he can be," I said. 
"That makes sense. How's she doing about Maya?" Doug asked and grabbed the other fish. 
"Not well actually. I thought that she'd be okay because she seemed to not have a problem with other people but bring it into her house and it's all "it's not natural" this and "it's a sin" that and her attitude is bullshit. I've tried to talk to her and nothing happens," I said. 
"That sounds like you need to take the kids far and fast," He joked but in a serious way, it was weird. Anyway, I happened to glance up as he laughed and his body's changed a lot since we were younger but his smile and his laugh never have. 
"I do. But you'd come with me right?" I asked. 
"Ah yes, my little introvert. If I could I would but I doubt that my custody arrangement will be that nice," he said and I looked away from him as he grabbed a wet wipe, probably to clean his hands. 
"I'm not little," I said quietly and he chuckled and stood up taller. 
"You're not?" He asked but it was sarcastic. 
"I am not," I replied and he came around the table. I watched him walk around and he came and stood in front of me. He went from looking over my head to down at me. I'm only about four to six inches shorter than him but my frame is a wee bit smaller than his. I swallowed and he put his hands on the table on either side of me and leaned on the table, making me curve around him. 
"How about now?" He whispered and leaned a little closer. 
"Don't do something that you'll regret," I whispered as my eyes flicked to his mouth. My heart pounded away in my chest and if he walks away I don't know if I'll be able to survive. 
"You are not a regret. You never will be," He replied and we hesitantly leaned in. It's happening. Oh god. Okay. Everybody stay calm. Be fUCKING CALM. OMGOMGOMG. Finally! It's actually happening! Our lips touched and my skin felt like it lit up. I hugged around his neck and I felt his arm go around my waist. He gripped my left hip with his hand and pulled me to him. 
"I can't get you close enough to me," He panted and I tried to catch my breath. I didn't get to do that because the second he was done talking he kissed me again and I tapped his shoulder. He broke the kiss. 
"Air, I need air," I panted and he laughed at me. 
"And I need you in bed. Looks like we're both missing something," He said against my cheek and his green eyes sparkled. 
"But we aren't separated from them yet," I replied. 
"I know but the only thing holding us back is not having our own places," He commented. 
"Good point, okay," I agreed and I found myself on my back on the bed in the RV. 

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