A Day Out

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Jake woke up to the sound of his bedroom door opening. He rolled over and smiled at who he thought was Rory. He was wrong. It was in fact his dad. His smile got dropped fast and his dad didn't notice the smile. 

"Jaaakee, wake up," his dad said in a sing-song voice, "or don't. Your mother wants to go shopping and I really don't want to," the man whispered. 
"The door is so loud I was up before you opened it," Jake laughed. 
"Damn I meant to oil that and forgot," His dad said and slapped his forehead. 
"That's fine. It's open most of the time anyway. Get out so then she doesn't come up," Jake said and his dad turned and left as their mother roused Rory. 

She sat on the bed beside him and rubbed his back. He groaned and stretched. 
"Good morning, my dear," She said and Rory opened his eyes and looked at the clock. 
"Whyyyy," Rory whined. He's not a morning person and it's seven in the morning on a Saturday. 
"Because we haven't spent time as a family in a while and I thought a day out would be nice," She said softly and she convinced Rory to drag himself out of bed and both boys got dressed as breakfast was being made. 

Breakfast had a still half asleep Rory munching happily on waffles and everyone else having eggs. Rory's allergic to eggs and their dad found an eggless waffle recipe that tastes good. 
"Coffee anyone?" Their dad, Paul asked. 
"Can I have some?" Rory asked excitedly. 
"No," everyone said together and Rory pouted. 
"You can't have coffee but you can have some orange juice!" Paul said happily and poured Rory some orange juice and rejoined the table. 
"So, I have plans of going to the mall and then I've got two surprises. I know that the mall is lame but you all need pants. You need some pants without holes in them," their mother, Cara said looking at Rory, "and you two need pants that aren't grass stained, covered in paint or in some other way discoloured," She said looking at Jake and Paul. 
"That's fair," Jake said and they started to go. They spent three hours at the mall, most of which was spent as two pairs. Rory and Cara went off to look at things and Paul and Jake stuck together, which didn't fly very well with Jake. 

After, they met up in the food court for lunch only to split again and go to different places. Jake and Rory stayed together. 
"What do you want?" Jake asked Rory as they both looked at the menu. 
"I'm not hungry," Rory replied. 
"You should at least eat something," Jake replied softly and Rory sighed. 
"Okay," He said and they ordered and went back to their parents. There was little conversation as they ate and then they all sang to music in the car on their way to their first surprise. Mini-golf. It sounds cheesy and when they found out what was going on they groaned too but had fun. Next up was something that they didn't get told what it was until they were there. 

"I know that this isn't really us spending time together but I thought that you two would enjoy it. It's laser tag!" Cara exclaimed and Paul and Jake got excited. Rory didn't really like the thought of being in a dark place with strangers but he tried to be excited. He was going to target the hell out of Jake. 

Going in and getting the briefing was fine and dandy and they were getting more and more hyped and there were about ten or eleven other people there and they seemed harmless. There are two teams, red and blue. Rory and Paul are on team blue and Jake and Cara are on team red. The two teams got let out in two different locations and they both went hunting for each other. 

There were sound of the vests detecting hits everywhere and Rory got a couple of hits. Then he was grabbed from behind and pushed against a wall. 
"Haha, got you. Any last words?" Jake asked as he pressed the muzzle of the "gun" into the back of Rory's vest. 
"Get bent," Paul's voice said and he shot Jake and Jake had a performance of a lifetime with the most dramatic death he could conjure up and made Rory laugh. Rory and Paul ran off into the darkness again. The round lasted half an hour and Jake tried to get Rory alone many times but Paul was always right there and it's pissing him off. At the end of the ground, they regrouped. 

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